Back to the Mat: A Yogi Lifestyle.

Back to the Mat: A Yogi Lifestyle

One thing I have recently re-incorporated into my life is the practice of yoga.
I am back to the mat—at my all-time favorite, local studio (Re:form—in Bressi Ranch) &could not be happier.

People go to yoga for a number of reasons…to find balance, recover an injury, de-stress, gain flexibility…

I have gone for a combination of all of the above—I run, hike and frequent the gym—striving to stay as active as possible—but have found that when I incorporate yoga as well into my version of a healthy lifestyle…everything seems to fall into place.

A huge part of living a consistently healthy lifestyle is the mental aspect. My mind tends to run a little wild (on occasion…) and I find myself stressed over the tiniest, silliest things…so, I turn to yoga not only to gain flexibility, strength and ring out my body—but also mostly to reconnect with the mind.

Yoga reminds me to stop—take a moment for myself. No matter how stressful or rapid paced life seems to get—there is always time to take a moment and breathe…to love myself through every experience—the good (every accomplishment) and the bad (every mistake)…to strive for progress and not perfection…to let go of the things that don’t matter or no longer serve me…to focus on the good things happening in the world rather than the bad…

It simply just feels good…and I always leave happy,calm & refreshed—with a different experience in every class.

One of my favorite experiences through yoga has been witnessing some of the most beautiful and inspiring visions (inspired=my favorite feeling). From mothers bringing their young daughters (teaching them early on what healthy balance is in an almost impossible society)–who adorably stumble through flows (reminding us all to not take the practice too seriously)—to seventy year old men, who powerfully hold the craziest of body-twisting poses—making it look easy (reminding us to never give up).

No matter the age, gender or personality type—I firmly believe everyone can benefit from a little dosage of Namaste—whatever works for you.
Another favorite aspect of becoming an amateur, total wannabe yogi has been sharing the practice with people I love—friends & family…there’s nothing better than watching others fall in love with yoga or reap all the yummy benefits.

So, in an effort to spread the goodness (Dr. Oz even swears by it—declaring it the healthiest habit he, himself has!!!) i’ve attached the perfect beginners guide to yoga.

Meet the newest girl crush—Tara Stiles. Known as the “yoga rebel”—she’s not only extremely inspiring (Deepak Chopra’s instructor) but really makes it doable for every person.

Give it a go…I dare you. Happy Wednesday.


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