The Spirit Of Materialism.

I have always had a sort of passion for fashion.
From an early age—I have gone through a number of somewhat unfortunate “style phases”: from living in Europe—honestly thinking I was going to be picked up as the next Spice Girl …I wore sweat suits &pigtails (a sporty/baby-spice combo!), threw up the peace sign way too often and developed a British accent (despite living in Holland)—To becoming a ‘Limited Too Queen’, once back in the U.S…neon crop tops, jean shorts and fluffy high-wedged sandals (I don’t know how my Mother ever let me out of the house !!!)—To wearing high heels or wedges every. damn. day for about a year in high school…

Though, I can’t imagine wearing some of the things I used to, now—I simply did it, then—dressed whichever way (as ridiculous as some were) because I wanted to…and because it made me feel good !

Fast forward into my early twenties—I have remained a lover of clothes and fashion—dressing up, the entire process…dressing/styling others, and spent a split second working in retail management—thinking I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry and obtain a degree in fashion merchandising. As time went on and I experienced a little dosage of what I thought would be my ‘dream job’ (a retail buyer) and became a bit more self aware (doing yoga and such)… my goals just simply shifted…

I suddenly found myself almost feeling guilty for loving something so superficial and materialistic…

Nowadays, as a college-gal, I spend majority of my time running around in yoga/work out gear—but…all who know me and know me well—know that I still never pass up an opportunity to dress up…or wear something a ‘little outside the box’ . I am a firm believer in “one can never be overdressed or overeducated” ! (the latter becoming much more important—thankfully!)

But recently I stumbled upon an illuminating article that really put things into perspective…and nailed on the head as to why it is completely okay to love fashion, clothes and the process of dressing up…

Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker and best-selling author—she recently began writing for Elle magazine and did an article on her perspective on fashion… and the idea that fashion & enlightenment don’t have to be ‘mutually exclusive’…

I strongly recommend looking into her…a total spiritual guru with killer style:


“Fashion—in the right hands has a soul”

Bernstein completely justifies the true reasoning as to why I have been drawn to fashion and the process of getting dressed up or styling others—not the materialistic aspects whatsoever… But rather a way for individuals to express themselves… “to tell your story”…and “when you feel good in what you’re wearing you’re energy reflects that…fashion is a form of self love”.

As long as the attachment to material things doesn’t linger… she elegantly makes a point.
Fashion is and can be another form of expression and self love… !

So go put on some red lips… your favorite gypsy pants….or rock a jumpsuit (in my case…) whatever makes you feel good…do that ! And make yourself feel beautiful today.

Cheers to the weekend ahead!

outfit details: {anthropologie sunnies, forever 21 top (vintage) ;), anthropologie gypsy pants, steve madden heels}

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Haley B says:

    I remember when you dressed up a bit like a spice girl. How come u never gave me any fashion tips?? My mother was still laying out clothes for me til I started ISH!!! Lol x

    1. pjulianp says:

      hahaha—we all thought we were the next big thing! miss our freaky five days ❤ hope all is well! i will be studying abroad in Europe this summer–would love to reconnect with you ! XO

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