Greek Yogurt Oat Recipe.


I am by no means—a ‘natural’ morning person (night owl to the max)…but my schedule (sometimes) somewhat forces me into embracing early mornings.

I do still enjoy those mornings when I am able to wake as I please (sans the alarm!) and go through my little morning ritual. It typically involves one large cup of black coffee (the darker the better–) and some sort of yummy & nutritious concoction…

A go-to yummy, quick and nutritious favorite brekky option of mine is…


Fiber & Greek Yogurt Oat Bran:

*½ Cup Bob Mills Fiber Oat Bran

*1 container of Fage or Choboni Greek Yogurt

*½ Cup (or less) of Almond Milk or Coffee or Water

*Stevia (to sweeten)

*(a dash) of Cinnamon

*Microwave the Oatbran and whichever liquid (water, almond milk or coffee) on high for 1 ½ to 2 minutes—then mix in greek yogurt, cinnamon, stevia…

I then always add in a number of toppings—mixed berries, chopped banana and nut butters are a staple—but the options are endless and as the seasons change, so do my morning oats ! Make to your liking & hope you enjoy…

Additional (optional) toppings:

* Chopped almonds or pistachios

* Nut or Almond butter

* Dried cranberries

* Pumpkin Puree & Pumpkin pie spice

* Protein Powder

On the agenda today…a morning run followed by a massages at La Costa Resort & Spa (a surprise for all my academic efforts—love my Momma!) then exploring Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Center and topping the night off with more girl time in acoustic yoga @ Re:form !

Full of gratitude and feeling relaxed already… Happy Tuesday!



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