Favorite Things: A Tribute To Gold.

Today has been one of those lovey and much needed “me” sort of days! For staters, I completed my 3-week intersession course—goodbye U.S government & politics—so happy to be done and have completed another required course—in just a blink of an eye !

 I then spent the remainder of my day filled with my most favorite and mindless of things: basked in the sun while reading and listening to my ‘favorites’ playlist (76 degrees in San Diego, today!), practiced yoga and went for a run, organized my room and closet (built my own shelving—pretty proud ! and yes I, on occasion, enjoy cleaning &organizing—mild case of OCD, that I’m well aware of) and watched the newest episodes of GIRLS—so happy Hanna and the gang are back!

Now, I am awaiting the arrival of some of my favorite girls to come over and enjoy even more of our favorite things—girl gab, take-out sushi, wine, crafting for my sisters up and coming Bachelorette Weekend, as we watch Juan-Pablo (the newest Bachelor)!

I find it’s important to have selected “me time” or even commit to a full day—devoted entirely to yourself—to essentially, re-group and find a little ‘querencia’ !

The simplest of things are truly what make me happiest–along with the company I keep ! But, in honor of a ‘favorite things sort of day’, I thought I’d share a few of my current and most favorite material possessions…all which happen to be colored in the ultimate favorite of mine: golden hues !


1. Leafed Gold Ear-Cuff– $3.50 found at Forever 21. Not the comfiest of earpieces–but I am loving the ear-cuff trend !

2. FRENDS Ear Buds– Found at FRENDS.com. These are a treasure of mine–as a lover of music at every occasion, these golden gems are even more special because my sweet little brother gifted them to me for my last birthday. They accompany me everywhere !


3. LAYERED & LONG necklaces– found online at Etsy.com The mini triangle is a new favorite and everyday staple of mine–I wear it alone or layered with others & it serves as a constant little reminder of the special trio’s I belong to.


4. METALLIC GOLD TopCase Skin—Found at TopCase or on Amazon for .99 ! Makes all the typing for school and now blogging so much more fun 😉

5. Favorite Songs ! (A playlist of some of my all-times favorite songs on Spotify)

Grateful–today & every day to have been able to enjoy so many favorites of mine… Hope yours was just as lovely !



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