Women Crush Wednesday.

“Girls compete with each other…Women empower one another”

In honor of Women Crush Wednesday I wanted to do a little tribute piece on some of the women who I am currently “crushing on”…Yes, there’s Candace Swanepoel, Lana Del Rey and Rihanna—all outstandingly visually beautiful creatures—often motivating my booty to get to the gym or maybe an outfit idea but the true bamf’s are the ones out there making a difference in our world—uplifting and inspiring others. 

 I am a lucky girl—having an endless amount of incredible women in my family. All of whom I look up to and am able to turn to for words of wisdom and that is why my I will begin with my number one—always and forever, my main source of inspiration…my Mom—Mary Carmen

Mary-Carmen (Mom)


My Mom is a woman who has devoted her entire life to serving others—all who meet her fall head over heels in love with her—seeing the size of her heart through her golden brown eyes …her beauty radiates from the inside out. She truthfully doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and her example above everything is what inspires me on a daily basis…to cultivate kindness, to place your happiness in your own hands, to love yourself first so that you can whole-heartedly love others…

I am, without a doubt—my mother’s daughter and each day strive to be a bit more like her.

Malala Yousafzai


This is the young girl (sixteen years old!) who was shot by the Taliban after protesting with her Father in Pakistan—standing up for education rights in.

I first discovered her on The Daily Show, interviewed by Jon Stewart—and quickly ran to Barnes & Noble to purchase her autobiography I Am Malala (which was up for the Noble Peace Prize). She will leave you covered in goose bumps and has already made strides—leaving her mark in this word fighting for education and women’s rights… proving that sometimes the loudest of voices come in the smallest of packages. Malala enforces the importance of education for all— reminding the world that not everyone is so “privileged” to receive one… I encourage everyone to watch her interview and look into her campaign…#istandwithmalala.





  Lizzie Velasquez


Lizzie Velasquez is a motivational speaker and author. Born with an extremely rare medical condition (1 of only 3 known cases in the world)—leaving her without any body fat and causing premature aging—Lizzie, has not let any form of adversity stop her. Despite growing up bullied and labeled “the ugliest girl in the world” –she is making it her mission to spread her beautiful message—encouraging people to ask themselves: How do you define yourself? “Let your goals…your success…and your accomplishments define you”.



Find your source of inspiration today & then use your own unique gifts to go out and inspire others… !



One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary Pollock says:

    Paige!!! This made me feel so good! I’m honored to be one of your Wednesday crushes! You are so kind and loving, and your words touched my heart! The best thing in the world is to be surprised and proud of my children every day, and one of my greatest gifts in life is that you all continue to make me so proud! Just when I think I can’t be prouder… you do something and I am gushing! For that my gratitude cup over floweth! I hope I can continue to inspire you through your adult life but I have a feeling the roles are reversing a little bit and somehow that seems exactly right!!! you are an amazing young woman! How I got so lucky… I don’t know! XOXO!

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