Yoga Therapy: Keep It Simple.

Yoga Therapy: S I M P L I C I T Y

Yoga Therapy—
I don’t know if this is normal…but I find myself wanting to take notes during yoga.
On my mat the other night…these are the things that left with me:
It was one of those nights where I struggled to make it to the mat. I’ve been extremely active lately –on that “new year, new you” grind—and have been so grateful to be back to yoga, with some of my favorite people—finding better balance in my own life. Over break, I was happy as ever to make it to yoga once—if not twice a day… but like I said, I would have been perfectly content to stay home and bridal craft rather than make it to class. But as always I was so very happy to have forced myself to yoga and this is why:

Trevor, the instructor, began class with a ruler in hand and began to talk about the significance this ruler was serving in his own life and he enters into the New Year—serving as a simple reminder to simplify.

Often times–he pointed out, we make these huge, ginormous goals for ourselves that become so daunting they seem unattainable. We so rarely live in the moment—constantly reflecting backwards or looking forward. Though, the importance and capability to focus in on the little goals or the little steps that eventually lead to the big goal is just as important…and should remain part of the focus.

I am completely guilty of writing ‘to-do’ lists and then feeling like a failure if I didn’t achieve every last thing I had intended for my day—but in reality we need to give ourselves a break…measure life by the little things. ‘Life is not a sprint…it’s a marathon’… Life would suck if it were a constant sprint.

So, as we flowed through class—Trevor reiterated the mantra of simplicity.

I’m currently struggling with whether or not to remain in 19 units (6 classes) this semester—truthfully, its not even necessary…I could easily drop one and remain on track to graduate in my desired time—but I’ve become so accustomed to pushing myself to the ultimate limit (why not?) as often as I can—almost a pride thing, I guess. I know it has served me very well in many areas of life but has also bit me in the butt in others…affecting my overall happiness and that desired level of balance.

So—this class and the message that came along, served as a much needed reminder to simplify.

Also, another thing I love about yoga is when instructors teach us little tidbits about what certain poses and postures are working within the body—fascinating, to me.
As we held pigeon pose (a hip opener), Trevor mentioned that our hips are where we store emotional baggage—so often times, while holding pigeon, it’s common for an amount of emotion to arise…this could easily be due to a little level of discomfort…but I found that to be really interesting. Also then thinking about the difference between men and women—typically, women carry most of their troubles in their hips—emotionally driven. While men carry the majority of their troubles in their shoulders—where stress and worry is held…Hmmm…!!!

He went on to share that the left hip, specifically, is where we store our maternal instincts—so how we “mother” ourselves and how we were “mothered”. The two most likely correlate pretty heavily.

I was grateful for all the enlightenment and little fun facts that yoga brought on tonight…I love the mantra of simplicity and need to constantly remind myself of how truly important it is…

So I’m ripping up some to-do lists, dropping that one extra, unnecessary course and going to enjoy this exact moment.
I hope you, in your own way, can do the same tonight!

Check out Tara Stiles—the ‘rebel’ yogi’s newest video on her philosophy behind yoga:

Then I encourage you to try her ‘Intense Cardio Yoga’ Parts 1 & 2 and then unwind with her “de-stressing” yoga before your off to bed :


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