Love Letter To My Bestie…On Her Birthday!


Happy Birthday to one of the true loves of my life—my best friend, sister & soul-mate ! Miss you so very much and wish we were celebrating your golden birthday together. I am beyond proud of the huge leaps of faith you have taken in the last year and the amazing woman you continue to become! Despite any distance, I am also so grateful to know that we will always play a huge &significant role in each other’s lives.  We have some of the best memories and have truly been through it all. I hope today and this upcoming year is nothing but G O L D E N –because you deserve, just that !

I love you to pieces.


24 (Reason Why I Love + Ultimate Pandy Moments) !

  1. You have the biggest, most open heart that is (shockingly) even more beautiful and radiant than your outer appearance.
  2. Co-captaining varsity cheer in high school…cheer camp (i’ll never forgive you;) ). High school in general—aye yi yi…the van, b8…that’s about all I’m goanna say.
  3. You are a dreamer and a doer—and there is not a doubt in my mind that you will make your mark in this world.
  4. You believe that Sex & the City and a glass of wine can cure almost anything.
  5. Roomies in Santa Barbara (did that really happen?) and our sad, pathetic routine: school, sandwiches & Ellen DeGeneres…scaring each other at the same exact time…those go-go dancer guys?…old folks home …maybe we should move home?
  6. We have seen each other at our worst, yet have always deeply believed in each other and only seen the best.
  7. Georgia….georgiaaaaaa. An incredible southern family vacation with the Abdis!  Running into bears..jet skis/wakeboarding/tubing…drinking games..skinny dipping!
  8. You wear your heart on your sleeve.
  9. Working in retail together (Daisy Blue)—leaving you morning “to-do” notes, unpacking a billion hats for the races, dealing with the crazies (‘the fastenator’ thief’), making killer thousand $$ sales (high-five…actually no 🙂 )!

10. The way you breathe… like from Brainy Hey Arnold! 🙂

11. That one time—we flew to Lake Tahoe for your 23rd birthday to visit our BB, got triangle tattoos and had the trip of a lifetime!

12. Waking up countless mornings snuggling and giddy about whatever life was currently humoring us with.

13. We have fought and forgiven each other—like only sisters can do. Making Pandy an unbreakable force to be reckoned with.

14. Dancing in the van…and the Lincoln and then the BMW…speed racing (scary)…bumping “SWING” and “BLEEDING LOVE”

15. VIVA LA$ VEGA$ trip for your 21st birthday!

16. We have both bawled in each other’s arms over family, friends, boys and life…and then laughed historically over our own ridiculousness… two seconds later.

17. You pull off cobalt blue, like a boss.

18.  Palm springs getaways—from high school spring breaks with all the girls…my mom and sister and then the ultimate girly getaway with himay brown (adopting sweet Harper) !

19.  You lotion my legs when I just…cant.

20.  Senior trip to Hawaii-— ay bay b8, Hawaiian boys, sunshine, dancing and piña coladas.

21. Our secret handshake…and from WHO we learned it from …!!!

22. You have the BEST and goofiest sense of humor and can make almost anyone laugh at any moment, never taking life too seriously !

23. You never, ever, ever give up on the ones you love—living a life of love, no matter the state of your own heart.

24. You are unapologetically and uniquely your fabulous self –something not many can do with such ease !

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mandyab8 says:

    I absolutely adore you Pp! Love you and every single moment we have shared! 30..40..50…100 here comes pandy! Xx

  2. THE VAN!!!! Happy birthday Mandy!!! Also, Paigey if I could add one for good luck it would be Mrs. Sladvicks (was that her name?!) obsession with her.

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