Jumpsuits + Rompers.

One of my favorite ‘trends’ and go-to outfit selections is the glorious romperalso known as the jumpsuit. Not many tend to the biggest fans of the romper/jumpsuit look…and yes, I’ll admit–it’s often hard to find the right one for ones own body type—but when found…hallelujah–it’s a beautiful thing. 


Here are just a few of the many reasons I love a romper…(&why you should too!) :

  1. Your entire outfit is complete. Throw it on and out you go—just add some shoes & accessories–if you’re really looking to turn it up!
  2. Rompers can often be the comfiest outfit selection in the world—almost a pajama equivalent–yet, they still look like a whole bunch of effort went into the construction of that look—but no ! (return to #1).
  3. A pantsuited romper can be quite elegant and completely appropriate for cocktail hour/nighttime—while, a short suited jumpsuit is the prefect, breeze-friendly choice of attire for when the sun is shining! So, a jumpsuit can transfer easily transfer from day to night or be dressed up or down, depending on occasion.
  4. The jumpsuit/romper is sort of a ‘fun and funky alternative’ to the repetitive little black dress…
  5. Jumpsuits are actually quite flattering (despite popular opinion)when the right fit is found! Jumpsuits have the ability to enhance the good parts (hi cinched waist! ) and cover-up the not-so-favorable parts. 

The trend initiated in the 80’s and has reappeared a number of times… So, in my opinion, the “trend” is here to stay and quickly morphing into a classic/timeless piece–one that can (and should) be added  to any wardrobe (ladies, don’t give up if you haven’t found your perfect match yet!)

Below are some of my  favorite and most recent jump-suited celeb looks (showing just how classy, fabulous and fun they are) !


Kate Beckinsale wears a pop of color in Diane Von Furstenberg.


Emma Stone bold, classic and beautiful in Elie Saab. 


Karolina Kurkova dazzles in an embellished number by Armani Prive.


Kristen Wiig ravishing in rosetted red by Valentino. 

Life is too short to wear boring clothes” (at least all the time…right?)

…No coincidence that rompers are currently appearing on the Grammys red carpet ! Whether you chose to wear a romper/jumpsuit this spring season or not— I hope that in whatever you chose to wear–you push the limits a bit, making your style your own & feel absolutely ravishing !



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  1. kehani says:

    This post totally reminded me of Girls, “One can really go their whole life wearing shorty-shorts and offend almost nobody.” -Hannah LOL great post!! I am still on the hunt for the perfect romper for me! I love the simplicity of them!

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