Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe.

Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe

Sweet potatoes have been all the rage lately ! And I have quickly become a huge fan—trying a number of my own variations to the healthy starch. My favorite way to prepare them though has definitely been the roasted version…so yummy and even more importantly–simple!

First off, lets have a look at all the healthy benefits sweet potatoes have:
1. High in vitamin B6—‘homocysteine’ is found in B6 and has been linked to decreasing degenerate disease, including heart attacks.
2. Also high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for our immunes systems, bone formation, digestions, produces collagen (which keeps our skin youthful), helps blood cell formation and accelerates healing.
3. Contains Vitamin D–both a hormone and a vitamin, Vitami D is best in keeping your immune system up all year round. Those who live in colder climates need to make sure to get their sources of Vitamin D–where most typically get enough (especially in San DIego) through sunlight.
4. Sweet Potatoes contain iron–a mineral that increase energy levels, increases white and red blood cell production, boosts moods & levels of stress…building healthy hearts, skin and bones all while supporting the thyroid gland.
5. Good source of magnesium—the mineral best know for relaxation and de-stressing. **80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium !
6. Also a great source of potassium–which regulates the heartbeat and protects/controls the activity of the kidneys.
7. Sweet potatoes sugars are slowly released into the blood stream–which gives a balanced and regular source of energy, rather than a blood sugar spike.
8. High in carotenoids–just like carrots, sweet potatoes orange color indicated their ability to strengthen eyesight and boost immune systems.

So, if that didn’t convince you I hope the simplicity of this recipe will!


  • I begin by letting the sweet potatoes soak in water for a couple of hours, prior to cutting–makes it much easier!
  • Pre heat the over (on bake or roast) to 350 !
  •  Make the marinade & cut the sweet potato (I just slice into discs)

{Spicy Balsamic Soy Sauce}–the marinade:
*Low sodium soy sauce (2 TBSP)
* Balsamic Vinegar (1 TBSP)
* Mustard (regular, chipotle, spicy, dijon—whatever you prefer! 2 TSPS)
* Siracha (or any other hot sauce)
* Garlic (minced)
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil (drizzle or spray over top)

  • Dip the sliced sweet potatoes in the marinade. You can either let them sit and really soak for a few hours or just simply dip (then drizzle rest of sauce overtop at the end).
  • Spray your cooking sheet with cooking spray and the place your sweet potato discs onto the baking sheet. Drizzle or spray EVOO onto the marinated sweet potatoes.
  • Bake/roast for about 30 minutes…you can flip them 15 minutes between–but not necessary !

Let cool, serve & enjoy! I usually pair with tofu (which I bake in same marinade) and veggies !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gosh, Paige, thanks for sharing that yummy recipe for Sweet potatoes! Sparky and I love them! Can hardly wait to try! Yum! Much love!

  2. Sparky and I trie them last night and they were as good as advertised!

    1. pjulianp says:

      yay GMA! thanks for the report–so glad my lovely grandparents enjoyed them. will have to make them together soon . XXo

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