Layering Necklaces.

Lets talk about these little, dainty, golden treasureseveryday necklaces!

I have slowly acquired quite a few everyday-wear worthy necklaces and have begun to layer them all—one on top of the other, rather than just wearing one !

I love the look of layered necklaces—and with so many favorites, I find it almost impossible to just wear one. More is…more, no? The layered look is still ever-so classic & feminine because the necklaces are typically so slight on the neck .

These are some of my favorite layered looks (wish list)—




&here are how I interchange and layer my own special collection:

‘dog-eared’ whispers sideway cross necklace, gold dipped {back when i wore just one}
…adding in some cheap-street fair necklace finds !
…adding in a pop of color {emerald green} to an all black monochromatic look !
a closer look—my newest little gem: the dainty triangle found on (layered + long).
another favorite of mine is the ‘dog-eared’: i love california necklace, gold dipped.

& lastly here are some of the links for you to browse and find your own little everyday-wear necklaces to start layering !


Happy browsing/shopping !



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  1. Always fun to read AND I learn something new and FUN!

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