DIY: Braided Top-Knot.

{ Braided Knots: a hair tutorial !}

With my sisters wedding quickly approaching we have been searching for the perfect updo for the bridesmaids to wear for the BIG DAY !

I have fallen in love with the braided top knot look--which just so happens to perfectly accompany my sisters rustic, chic themed wedding. As someone who rarely does anything to her hair, I was also pleasantly surprised as to just how easy the look is to accomplish…

Below is the exact tutorial I followed & above how mine turned out!

Next I’ve shared some of my favorite  braided up-do’s–would love opinions on your favorite for the big day–cast your vote! …decisions, decisions, decisions 🙂

photo 2
#1: messy multiple braided low knot
#2: double princess braid


#4: sweeping side braid into mid bun
#4: sweeping side braid into mid bun

Have a lovingly lovely rest of your day (it is February after all…;)

Love yourself & each other!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like your hair braid the best! And your hair color is really stunning–what a natural beauty!

  2. McCall Gulli says:

    Love # 1! The messy multiple braided low knot. Not sure on the style of your sister’s wedding, but that hairstyle looks so chic and like “effortless beauty”.
    Congrats to your sister! Im sure you’ll all look gorgeous on the big day 🙂

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