DIY: Oatmeal Honey Mask.

{{DIY: Oatmeal Honey Mask}}

A favorite little pastime of mine (as of late) has been to experiment with natural skin-care remedies. I was having the strangest of allergy outbreaks  for a while (that have thankfully & magically disappeared entirely) but thought the outbreaks could have been correlated to my skin-care &/or beauty products…hence—the hunting began for an  ‘all-natural’ skin-care cure…

One of the easiest but most favored masks I stumbled upon was the Oatmeal-Honey-Milk Mask. It can literally be whipped up in 5 minutes and uses the most basic ingredients that most have on hand.

Oatmeal-Honey-Milk Mask:

1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup almond {or regular} milk
1 tablespoon of honey

*optional a tsp of lemon

*optional add another 1/2 cup water


Mix all ingredients all together in bowl.

Let sit for about ten minutes.

&that it! Apply to face and/or neck for 15-30 minutes.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of this Oatmeal-Honey-Milk Mask:

*oatmeal contains proteins that maintain skins natural moisture.

*oats also contain, a natural cleanser type of agent (saponins) that will remove dirt and oil from the pores.

*honey unclogs pores and draws out impurities.


find little ways to constantly treat yourself !

Treat Yo’self & Enjoy !



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