Random Acts Of Kindness.


I recall hearing once that the best way to make oneself feel better is to go out and do something thoughtful & nice for another—perform: little, random acts of kindness ! Most of us are extremely busy in our day-to-day lives its easy to forget what is most important and what life is all about at the end of the day… This week I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and not feeling quite like myself, but I had a little experience that turned everything around…

…I was driving home from school after a long day at school and there was a young man standing on the side of a freeway exit—homeless and asking for money. I was far behind in the line of cars and noticed hardly anyone paid much attention to the young, homeless man—who stood smiling and waving, regardless of what looked to be an unsuccessful day in collecting change. A city official pick-up truck rolled by and handed him what looked like a business card. I don’t know exactly what it was or said, but it seemed by his demeanor afterwards it could’ve been a warning card they give most homeless individuals to move locations…

Driving by—I had nothing to give him…but our eyes met and he gave me the warmest, most genuine smile. That little exchange was a gift to me—and I couldn’t let the rest of the day pass without doing anything…

…I remembered I had a couple of Chick-Fil-A gift cards at home (which is just up the street from where he was posted)…So I quickly ran home and jumped back into the car to give him the gift cards. He was incredibly thankful and it made my day. Better yet was that during my second trip back—the two cars ahead of me also reached their hands out of their cars to give the young man a little something…proving that little acts of kindness happen all the time and no matter the person–we are all deserving.

The Chick-Fil-A gift card—that brightened the day of a hungry man !

The whole encounter reminded me of just how good it feels to perform {little, random acts of kindness}—whether to the ones you love most or a complete stranger. Life is tough—plain & simple. But something as easy as an exchanged smile can really brighten ones day.  I’m challenging myself to perform at least three random acts of kindness per week—hoping to spread a little lovin’ and inspire the recipients to do the same.

Another of my random, little acts of kindness this week is going to be sending this tiny little something to a lifelong friend who I know is working so very hard in school! Just to remind her how inspiring she is and how proud I am of her!

A nail polish color she mentioned she loved—so now its hers & when she wears the color herself it will serve as a reminder that she is both loved & inspiring !

My Mom posted this video that essentially sums up the whole idea of simple ways to just be a good human…


Lastly—I wrote this post and a bit of divine intervention occurred. This lovely note was pinned to the mirror at my school. Operation beautiful—have you heard of it? If not, read more about it here:


‘Operation Beautiful’ at Cal State San Marcos

The mission of their campaign is to stop the “negative-talk” we’ve all experienced from time to time—especially when looking in the mirror and picking ourselves a part! Another great & easy way to spread a little loving and encouragement to one who may be in need.

Spread love—even to those you think least deserve it, they need it most !



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