DIY: Tea Party Bridal Shower Decor.

Over the past weekend my Mom and I threw my sister a tea party themed bridal shower ! The day turned out lovely and was the perfect celebration of the quickly approaching nuptials, with the most special women.

what i wore: scalloped dress & nude heels.


My Mom and I are both fairly right brained—so we love any opportunity to get crafty and this occasion was no different. We decided to divide and conquer in an effort to make the day as beautiful as possible. Pinterest became our best friend —and allowed for us to find plenty of budget friendly DIY crafts.

Craft #1:

Flower Crowns—



Flower crowns have been appearing all over the place lately and with spring in season and a tea party theme, I thought they would be a great addition to offer guests without hats and make for cute girly pictures.

I followed this DIY link here→

What you’ll need:


2.Fake flowers

3.Hot glue gun

Craft #2:

Flower Balls & Wreaths—

IMG_0833 IMG_0846IMG_0886


These were pretty little décor touches to accompany the tea and dessert table!

I followed these DIY links→

What you’ll need:

1.Fake flowers

2.Styrofoam Wreath

3.Styrofoam balls

4.Push Pins

5.Hot glue gun

Craft #3:

Moss Letters—

the steps & supplies needed to make Initialed Moss Letters

Another little décor piece—the initials of the bride and groom to be ( M & S )! They are having a rustic, chic themed wedding at a little winery…so lots of little touches of natural mossy succulents paired with woods and rod iron.

I followed this DIY link→

What you’ll need:

1.Initialed letters (found mine at Michael’s)

2.Imitation Moss

3.Hot glue gun

** I eventually want to make initialed letters out of wine corks—another really cute idea!

Craft #4:

Tissue Paper Puffs—

IMG_1373 IMG_1371

I have seen these puffs at a few parties and I know some women who have been able to buy them on Etsy…but they are really easy to make and make for great décor !

I followed this link→

What you’ll need:

1.Tissue paper/Newspaper


3.Fishing wire

4.String or wire to tie around the center

Other little touches…

a veil on the front door !
a DIY burlap door cover with flowers & pictures of the bride & groom (made by my Mom)
the tea & dessert table/ flower balls, wreaths and flower puffs all on display
chandelier tissue puffs
the outside set up– M & S moss letters
crepes & champagne
crepes & champagne

catered by Crepes Bon A parte'

the frame, hats and flower crowns for pictures !
a DIY game–“He Said/She Said”…we read out statements from the bride and groom and guests had to hold up who they thought said it !
a book for the Bride & Groom–Words of Wisdom from their loved ones!
another DIY gift for the bride–“leave a kiss for the bride” & sign your name !
DIY champagne & tea quotes–simply printed & placed in the flowers and succulents

Overall it was such a lovely turn out–the day was full of lots of fun, love good eats. My favorite moment of the entire day was below when my Mom gave my sister a box of letters she has been writing for my sis since she was born–such an emotional and beautiful moment.

kisses for my momma
precious moments

And now the crafting & planning for the bachelorette weekend begins 😉 !!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Saner says:

    Excuse me. Ever heard of copyright infringement? Haha jk ;]

    Glad you incorporated some of my photos! Hot off the press!

    Love you && such a beautiful shower you and sissy threw! 😘😘😘

    1. pjulianp says:

      Hehe couldn’t have captured all the beauty with my professional photog, Olgs!

      Ps. Your hired for the Bach 😜😘 && we know those will be good! Xo

  2. What a pretty party! And it looks like yall had a ton of fun!

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