Favorite Things: Beauty Products.

My day-to-day beauty routine is pretty lax—because I’m in classes all day and typically workout mid day, there is little to no point to getting all dolled up. But I do love those occasions that allow for me to spend a good amount of time getting glam & I especially love finding new and affordable beauty products. Here a few of my latest most favorite finds:



 As far as my skin care day & night routine–I tend to keep it pretty simple because of my sensitive skin. But below are some of my must-have, skin-sesitive products I use almost daily to wash, tone and moisturize. 

photo 4

1) St. Ives Facial Scrub ( fresh skin)

2) Ponds Moisturizing Cream

3) Noxema Toner Pads (triple clean)

4) Johnson & Johnsons Petroleum Jelly (I use this when my sin is extra dry–the ultimate moisturizer. Also a little beauty trick: apply jelly to lashes and eyebrows to supposedly enhance the growth and thickness )

5) Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream


photo 3

1) Maybelline BB Cream (light to medium blend).

 BB cream has been appearing on shelves everywhere, as of late. I decided to give a few different brands a try–but this has been my so-far favorite. A great alternative to foundation or powder because its a lighter blend of both moisturizer and foundation all in one!  

2) Benefit ‘Watts Up’ Highlighter Stick.

This has been an all time favorite beauty product of mine–for a while now! Whether going au-natural or getting all dressed up this highlighting stick adds a bit of brightness to even the sleepiest of faces ! 


Once upon a time, my sister and I joked we would never be caught dead wearing lipstick…and now, low and behold–we can’t get enough! The truth is that lipstick and color really does transform the face and is the easiest way to complete one’s look. Glosses are a great way to do so in a casual manner whereas the lipsticks really turn it up a notch !


1) Maybelline: Baby Lips Moisturizing lip balm (clear, ‘quenched’)

2) ALMAY Liquid lip balm (apricot pucker, cantaloupe cream)

photo 2

3) Forever 21 Velvet Lipstick (red, fuchsia, hot pink & berry)

Who knew that Forever 21 lipsticks would turn out to be one of my most favorite all day, lip-stay products? They are not only extremely affordable ($2.50–>$3.50) but a great way to experiment with those bold and trend colors (think: blood red, coral and hot pink! )


4) REVLON lipstick 

One of my closest gal pals gifted me this nude lipstick and it has literally been my most favorite product for about a year now. Its so creamy and the perfect nude lip for almost any skin tone! I have re-gifted this product to a number of friends and they all agree–this is a must have.


photo 1

1) Michael Kors : GLAMcollection

2) TOCCA: Stella (found at Anthropology or Sephora)

I love perfumes and though, I try to switch it up and love collecting new scents I always tend to go back to the originals—right now these are my two best scents!



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