The Ultimate Rainy Day Movie Guide.

Due to the current and severe weather conditions here in San Diego…(rainfall for the first time in months!!!)…I thought to myself—what better way to spend the day, keeping dry, than to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and watch some of my favorite films?

It has been far too long since my last rainy, movie day in—So, I quickly began to write out a list of favorites…unfortunately, for the fellas at least—I noticed a strong sort of feminine theme throughout my top film picks. So, in no particular order, here below are some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE GIRLY FILMS:

Marie Antoinette

This film is really, truly one of my favorites, ever. I have yet to meet someone who agrees—but nonetheless, my taste has always been a bit different. This film is visually breathtaking—the costume and architecture takes you back to Versailles and though there is little dialogue the eclectic soundtrack gives a modern twist. Sofia Coopola is the director of this film—and can do no wrong in my eyes (see also: Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring, Somewhere). This film is best paired with Sofia’s mini canned champagnes—‘blanc de blanc’ !


how cute are these? sold at BevMo & make the perfect little girlie gift…!


A French, subtitled film that follows the life of a shy, young waitress who enjoys the simple pleasure in life. This film took me far too long to get through—but not because of lack of interest. I just wanted to devote my undivided attention, to make sure not to miss a comical, whimsical bit of this cotemporary French story. Love this film with all my heart—and I could listen to the French language all, damn day !


The Diary of Anne Frank

Although this is not one of the happiest of films—the story of Anne Frank and family is a beautiful one. This film has always been a go-to, rainy day watch—it has nostalgia all wrapped up in it, for me—because my siblings and I used to watch this film with my Grandma while living in Holland (where everyday was a rainy day..!) , over tea. Then—lucky us—got to go explore the actual hiding spot of the Frank family, located in the Netherlands. Despite the sadness wrapped up in the Diary of Anne Frank story—there are so many great qualities to this film. I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet and especially to those who have any interest in the World Wars or holocaust circumstances.


Grease & Grease 2

I mean…if Danny & Sandy, along with their exquisite musical numbers cannot brighten your day—I don’t know what can. This is an oldie that really never gets old…and just in case the first does—there’s always the second ☺ . Everything about this film is just bliss—the music, the actors, the hair and costume.  The only downfall is that you are absolutely going to have ‘Grease Lightening’ stuck in your head for a couple of days…


Factory Girl

The story of Edie Sedgwick, the complicated and bedazzling life of the socialite who quickly becomes Andy Warhol’s muse. There is a definite dark undertone to this film—especially to those who know the entire story of Edie (who struggled with addiction, a laundry list of family problems and depression). But to me, her story and this film are fascinating to watch—showing the haunting reality of the glamorous life of the underground film and art world throughout the 1960’s.


Sex & The City

Carrie and gang always put life back into perspective—no, not in the closet full of Manolo Blahnik’s and ritzy red carpet lifestyle sort of way—but just as a little reminder to never take life too seriously and when all else fails (like your groom—doesn’t show up on Wedding Day!)…Be grateful for those few, solid girlfriends, you can always count on ! Go…& get “carried” away ! This one too—is better paired with a cocktail and gal pal. (P.s…the second film..just didn’t do it for me…)


Spice World

Once upon a time, I would have bet money that I was going to be the next Spice Girl….and though I laugh at that now—there will always be a little hint of Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary and Ginger Spice within me…and there’s nothing like this Spice World Movie that brings it out most ! Totally cheesy—but that’s the whole point, right?



Lastly—this has been my latest guilty pleasure, which I finally finished (& that says a lot because its been forever since I’ve followed one through!) Scandal, is on Netflix (!!!) and will have you instantly hooked. Olivia Pope, the main character is the ultimate b.a.m.f  & will inspire you to go out and conquer the world. The series returns tonight for the fourth season!


So lets hope this rain sticks around a few more days…not only for our major drought issue, here in CA, but to unapologetically lounge about.



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