Yoga Fix🙏♥️.


To be honest—yoga has unfortunately made it to the bottom of my current list of priorities…and though, I still make time for a good daily stretch—I really notice the difference in overall mood and mental state without that solid hour, in studio!

It’s no coincidence that yoga typically leaves my life when I tend to need it most—so on this Super Soul Sunday and with a new month in full swing I decided to make it back to my mat—after begging &pleading i’m happy to be back into my favorite, little studio re:form !

It’s no coincidence that on my first night back—tonight’s practice was full of just what my heart desired—yin yoga and an enlightening beginning lecture from our instructor. He recently had an injury, though realized that our greatest pains (whether physical or emotional), typically reveal the most & provide much clarity. He also noted the importance in knowing that this years seeds have been planted…and with the rain that just fell they have been extremely nourished—so sit back and let growth manifest. That is something I hope to be able to do in the upcoming months–with so much constant planning, I’d love to just let go& let it be…♥️ I wanted to just simply share all things yogi tonight—the little things that I am grateful for and were sufficiently able to tide me over the past month—!

1) ‘Yoga Is’

a documentary I stumbled upon on Netflix…

A deep documentary, to say the least—but informative and enlightening from the voices of numerous guru’s and yogi’s,alike. I could relate to so much of what was said throughout this documentary—and if anything the documentary served as just a clear reminder that, for me, yoga serves as one of the sole things that give my complicated mind–sometimes full of darkness and doubt some peace and clarity, that people are much more alike than we are different, that its okay to be drawn to things that don’t necessarily make sense at the moment–and continue to do whatever makes you feel good.

So, yes–I experienced quite a few aha! moments throughout this docu..and I think you will too !

2) ‘Yin Yoga’

So I haven’t committed to this or anything—but I’ve been playing with the idea of possibly running my first marathon while studying abroad in Spain..and now that I’ve typed it–I’m almost positive that I’m gonna now have to force myself to just bite the bullet and do it—ugh (I mean–yay!). Anyways…with that being said, I have been running longer distances and been in need of deep restorative stretches. So in comes Yin Yoga–which is a slow paced style of yoga, which holds poses & postures for minutes on end (typically 5 plus minutes), to get deep into the connective tissues ! It’s a different sort of challenging and yumminess all in one. Start here…(excuse her giggles throughout) and remember to only go the the depth of your body–push it to the limit, but listen to your body ! Enjoy 🙂

3) Get your MA in YogaStudies..

LMU is now offering a two-year program, Masters of Arts in yoga studies !!! The curriculum includes: Health Science and Yoga, Introduction to Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy–text&practice, History of Modern Yoga, Buddhism & Yoga (etc…) Along with the MA degree–graduates will then be eligible for their 500-hour registered yoga teacher credential from Yoga Alliance…

More School? Yes please (sorry Mom & Dad)…but seriously, I would love to do this at some point in my life !

4) Yoga Play with Handstands—

Yoga Pose Inspiration:

yoga loving–<3
standing split
yoga is…
bend & snap
posture inspiration

My Interpretation:

photo 1
my own yoga playtime !

I’ve been focusing mostly on strength and control in my yoga practice versus sole flexibility. I’m just in awe at some of the things people are able to do with their bodies–and continually inspired to play on my own… my favorite way to take a break during schoolwork is to play on my mat!

Grateful to spread a little yogi loving, that has encouraged me throughout the past week! Now–time for the oscars red carpet (!!!), as I prep for a week of midterms—and completing the final steps in submitting my study abroad applications!


Wishing you the most relaxing Sunday night & a fresh, beautiful start come Monday morning. Namaste



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