Wish List: My Budget-Friendly Finds.

A longtime wish list purchase of mine have been these beautiful Miu Miu sunnies—




68ebf4885643d0dbba19c3273b83d854 7d5d7aac4dc704933a345d723c225f14 b572dcf330b51d4ab47bf084952ae902

miu-miu-sunglasses-black-shyni-color miu-miu-cat-eye-sunglasses

Okay you get the idea…the are pretty perfect…right?

But like many such material things, for a college gal— they are far outside of my budget. & though I have promised myself to treat myself, with the next good grade or whichever little moment of pride to such a lavish gift (cause it’s important to do that from time to time too!)…I’ve never been able to bite the bullet & actually buy them…! Other financial priorities usually come up & most likely for good reason—

So until then—(perhaps, come graduation!) I have been happily sporting a variety of similar sunnies–that have not only saved a pretty penny but I have little care over accidentally misplacing or scratching them !

My Interpretation: 

photo 21. Hermosa Aviators ($38)

2. Clear Cat-Eyed ($5.80)




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