Mass Media Monday: Smorgasbord Of All The Things #2.

Midterms are over–hallelujah. It’s typically the pre-stress of whats to come/whats to be done, that does me in–but like most things in life–everything turns out okay. & when in doubt–quotes, yoga and a post-midterm weekend full of sunshine are the remedy. Here are some of my favorite quotes for a stressful week & the sunny sights I was ever so grateful for this past weekend:


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photo 4
They filmed Top Gun at this local beachfront Oceanside house. It’s currently under renovation so vacationers can eventually stay…who knew !!!
photo 1
Home, sweet, home–I do not take advantage of this sight often enough !
photo 2
Oceanside Pier
photo 3
This sweet man made reading for a research paper so much better with his acoustic melodies !

photo 5

  •  A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: ‘Walking Contest’:

Watch this short video–an experiment on social connection in modern day…something as simple as walking side-by-side to another, in harmony, often makes us uncomfortable. The entire concept of this video applies to many of my class discussions— technology & social media–something created to connect us to one another has actually in many ways disconnected us…this video will perhaps make you question why & hopefully inspire you to some “walking contests” of you own ;)…

“what is so scary about moving together at the same speed…like there is no i have something in common with a stranger, not even the speed of walking…why can’t we walk together? I think it can be very cool…so…”.

Favorite line…the way he uttered that. perfect & profound !


1. Wet (Branchez Remix)–“Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl No More”

***This track just keeps making me really, extremely happy…

2. Fedde Le Grande–“So Much Love”

***Potentially seeing this dutch DJ in LA this weekend—to get in touch with my European days and prepped for the exciting journey to come !

3. Chet Faker–“Talk is Cheap”

4. Rudimental (UK)–“Powerless (MK Remix)” 

5. RKCB–“Comatose”

6. Drake (featuring Sampha)–The Motion (Sango Remix)”

7. Frank Ocean & Mick Joes & Paul Simonon & Diplo–“Hero”

8. C A T H E D R A L S– “Harlem”

9. KAASI–“Lucy Stone” 

10. Sampha–“Happens”

  • FILM FEST:  

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Only playing in select theaters…but looking so forward to seeing the newest Wes Anderson film. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews and many are saying that Anderson’s previous films — ‘The Royal Tenenbaums‘ and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ were just “warm ups” to this masterpiece. The film looks dream-like, chalk full of quirky wit and emotion–Cannot wait to be better aquatinted with the dashing Monsieur Gustave…<3 !

  • HUMOR:

I have seen a million cute little kiddie videos on YouTube–but this boy just melts my him hold his own arguing with his Grandma:

“Listen to me…listen to me…” The best moment is at (1:44) !

Oh–&& happy St. Pattys!



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