Outfit Inspiration: Denim On Denim.

A new fun way I’d like to make use of the things already in my closet and have fun with fashion&blogging is to take an outfit inspiration and incorporate my own interpretation. Some, I predict will be hits–and others misses ! Nonetheless, I’m mostly hoping it’ll encourage me to get out of my yoga gear…!!!

The Look: 

Denim on Denim

The ‘jean on jean trend’ has been a casual all-American look, that’s been around since the Calvin Klein era was in full swing. I honestly despised the idea of it–that is, until Rihanna put her own special flare to it…So I thought I would give it another go ! Below are some more gals who, in my humble opinion, got the jean on jean trend oh-so-right !

vintage Britney & Justin. this is just way too good ! jean galore and 90’s bliss…
more vintage ‘jean on jean’–Tyra in the 90’s
a modern feminine flare to the ‘jean on jean’–paired with a crisp blazer and bejeweled necklace !
jean and camel done right.
bohemian, easy-breezy, casual-chic. all-american babe !
simplicity in the collared jean tee paired with flared jeans !
fringey and fantastic !
a jean jumpsuit–belted and baggy.

The Original Inspiration:


Rihanna in the jean on jean trend–of course made effortlessly ultra sexy on the steers of NYC.

My Interpretation:


From head to toe this look accompanied me to a day full of classes–>  {Light Wash Jean blouse (H&M) , Chunky ‘Mixed Meta’l necklace (H&M), Black ‘Super Skinny Chelsea’ jeans (Viggo’s ), Black Mossimo booties (Target)}

(did you catch that other accessory? :-/  …always multi tasking…)

Conclusion: Jean on jean is a do !

TGIT—&have a fantastic weekend–looking forward to more sunshine in San Diego!



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