Thoughts Post Yoga.

This weekend was a bit all over the place, and I didn’t get to practice nearly as much yoga as I wanted though, was grateful and inspired the times I did make it to my mat. My mantra for the week:

“Life Goes On” {this quote for some reason keeps ringing in my ear…and not in the typical negative connotation whatsoever, but rather}: things happen, things change–& life goes on…what matters most is to continuously chase a meaningful life…whatever that means to you .

The Tale of Two Wolves//

One thing that struck me in the last few weeks was during my Mass Media & Society lecture class. We discuss a number of controversial topics and this weeks was media and violence (the affects on society). My professor read the following tale in relation to the topic–but it really fits into many aspects of life.


The battle of two wolves; inside us all. So very true and mostly important to remember that it’s okay not to be perfect {all the time}, but the wolf you feed , will essentially win ! Practicing yoga is a go-to way for me personally to feed the good wood along with practicing gratitude, giving back, questioning everything thrown my way {whether it’s constructed societies idealisms or the messages media constantly send out}…

On the Mat//

One day out of the past week, I was able to double up and make it to back-to-back yoga classes (one vinyasa flow + one yoga therapy). I found myself scribbling down some of the profound & helpful things the yogi instructor mentioned, in between classes…He thinks, unlike many instructors, that the imbalance we often feel is actually a good thing and something to accept—the imbalance is what keeps us from being static. For someone who is constantly trying to find more balance, that was a bit refreshing to hear. Perhaps more peace can come in accepting the imbalance that life constantly brings.



Lastly, I want to share a free meditation I am going to start on March 31st. I’ve never meditated and thought this one ‘On Becoming Fearless’ with Arianna Huffington would be perfect preparation for my sisters quickly approaching wedding (M.O.H speech !!!), finals week & as I embark overseas to study abroad–the goal is to remain fearless throughout it all ! I encourage you to try it with me–it’s free 🙂


Happy monday–wishing all a balanced week !



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