Outfit Inspiration: The Harem Pant.

What I Wore Wednesday–Harem Pant

The harem pant trend…also know as MC HAMMER pants, is probably one of the trickiest trends this Spring season…love it or hate it–there is no denying the comfort factor.


Many fashion writers  have said to avoid the harem pant trend at all costs, noting “I’ve seen people—tall, young, skinny people—look really chic in them, but the droopy drawers are tricky to pull off for most real women.” But I have seen a variety of shapes and sizes pull of the harem trend, flawlessly. Below are just a few of my favorite looks that served as my inspiration…& although the harem pants may not pass my go-to “will I regret this in 20years…?” sometimes I prefer to just have fun with fashion.





Harem Pants–Forever 21, Blouse–H&M, Sandals–H&M

Remember that the first step to “pulling it off” is often just putting it on & life is too short to wear boring clothes !



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