Spain On The Brain…


Sometime last year–when I first transferred to CSU San Marcos I decided that one of my academic goals would be to study abroad ! After mapping out my two years at CSUSM, Summer 2014 seemed to be the best time fit for the journey abroad.

After getting all the information I set my heart on Spain—not only will I be knocking out the last of my language requirements but I’m ecstatic to immerse myself into the Latin culture and get in touch with my Spanish roots. What better way to learn the language, no?

This week I had one of my first official orientations with the group and Professor (who couldn’t be more perfect–an eclectic and vibrant Spaniard, himself) going abroad ! Also, so happy to have found out a buddy within my major is also making the trip !

I know its all gonna fly by–and one of the main reasons I started the blog was to document the experience…I am so excited and grateful to be able to take this leap and see another part of the world…

Spain is most certainly on the brain !!!


Universidad de Valladolid —

The University I am attending is one of the most ancient  in the world (founded in 1241 !!!). I’ll be in an intensive language & culture program, throughout the four weeks, and then have weekend excursions to Madrid, Barcelona and other cities of Spain…The professor taking us has told us that we will be inspired by the education system and how seriously students take their studies in Spain–despite the unemployment rate being at an all time high in the Country.



  • Travel Books–still in need of some more recommendations ! But will most likely be reading all things Spain on the long flight 🙂
  • Foreign Film–another fun way I have been practicing my spanish is to watch foreign film and telenovelas. My cuban grandmother has recommended her favorites and it has been such a great way to continue to hear and understand the language. My grandfather actually learned to speak English through religiously going to see American films when he came over from Cuba, in his early adulthood.

1) Biutiful:


2) Sex & Lucía:09697

  • Homestay–Overseas I will be placed in a homestay–I have no idea who i’ll be staying with until arrival. But I truly don’t think there’s any better way to be fully immersed in the culture and see how true Spanairds live their day to day lives…did someone say siesta?


Of course, one of the major things I am looking forward to is the…SPANISH FASHION. I have already started to do my homework in following some of the top Spanish bloggies..oh so inspired\\ here are a few of my favorite looks:

Emerald green gypsy pants, accessorized perfectly @
A black monochromatic with ‘a touch of pink’ from–
Feminine touches to the casual ‘boyfriend look’ from–
Crop top, terra-cotta orange, tanned skin and ombre hair (this is what i’d imagine Spain to look like) from–


A jumpsuit made casual from–
Lace & leopard, another casually chic look from–
A baroque, embellished look on the streets of Spain 
Sheer whites paired with a trench–perfect for the often quick to change weather in Spain from– 


Spanish Roots–

Going to Spain is also bit monumental for my family because its potentially gong to be a way to re-connect with our Spanish side. My grandmother lived and went to school in Spain after having to leave Cuba in here late teens. Over the weekend we all met for cuban food in LA to talk all things Spain & more importantly meet my cousin–who is currently studying abroad, here in the U.S, from Spain. He is from San Sebastian and will be back  home to Spain when I am studying abroad.

Cannot wait for us both to serve as “the links” between the U.S and Spain–in our world family is family, no matter how far removed. It will also be so great to see parts of Spain with a ‘local’—my cousin is studying musical engineering and working towards becoming a i’m pretty confident he’ll show me a good time ! Listen to him here–>


As far as culture–the list just goes on and on…In only four short weeks it will be hard to get a taste of everything but I hope to bring home some new ways of living–from food & cooking –to music & the arts –to history — to their secret beauty regimens & health/fitness tips…I’t’s like a whole new world and cannot wait to  be thrown smack dab in the middle of it !


Spanish architecture is known for being some of the most beautiful and diverse in the world–from romanesque to gothic, italians renaissance, baroque and modernism…I could easily be the happiest of girls just getting lost on those cobblestone roads and taking in the architecture…

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona–this was my all tim favorite building I saw when I was a little url living in Europe–I literally had a poster of it in my room. Cannot wait to stand beneath this so, very soon !
Metropolis in Madrid.
Parc Guell in Barcelona–another masterpiece by Antonio Gaudi.
Alhambra’s Islamic Palace–on of the most ornate and intricate displays of architecture in Granada, Spain.
the streets of San Sebastian.


Fingers crossed that I find a yoga studio close by. The thought of practicing abroad, in another language, is just too much…something I definitely want to make happen. Lucky for me, an instructor at my current studio lived in Spain for a number of years so I’m anxious to pick his brain.


Just about 40 short, crazy, busy days until this adventure begins… !



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