Mass Media Monday: Smorgasbord Of All The Things.

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No time for hardly anything but writing papers these days—have been entirely disconnected from most everything pleasurable in life…but at the same time–of course, no complaints here…grateful & happy to be getting my degree…especially in something as continuously rad as media studies !

Just hit SUBMIT on one of my last final exam papers & nothing has ever felt sweeter after spending a weekend completing 70+ pages worth of essays…

This also (for the most part) wraps up my first year at Uni…which, again I can hardly believe…a total of 13 classes in one year has not been easy to say the least…there have been so many times I have just wanted to give up—but somehow am still magically here & nothing has ever been more self-fulfilling !

Education > Everything
(everlasting & forever in pursuit !)

Anyways, here are some things that have been filling my golden little earbuds that have made the last few weeks a bit more enjoyable…


Spice up your life—MO

Wonder—Adventure Club

Love At First Sight– Teemid 

Tennis Court—Lorde Flume Remix

Stoic–Penny & Sparrow

I See Fire–Ed Sheeran (Kygo Remix)

Emanate– Phoria 


Reunion–Still Parade

Tumblr Girls—G. Eazy

Nico Orlando– Boom Baby (my amazing cousin from Spain’s newest track !)


So, for school I have been required to listen to a few weekly podcasts—and have fallen in love with quite a few ! Such a great way to accompany long drives and/or walks…& spend time getting a grapple on the numerous important things going on out there in the BIG BEAUTIFUL (and often entirely twisted) WORLD ! The conversations will never cease to amaze & inspire you… 🙂

(most are found on iTunes & you can subscribe through there, but also can click the titles below to be linked to websites )

On the Media


School of Greatness


This American Life


An Ode to an Icon//


May 4th marked what would have been the 85th birthday of Ms. Audrey Hepburn… many of you might have seen Google’s tribute on their search engine.

I’ve always had at least one little Hepburn token in my room for decor and Breakfast At  Tiffany’s is always a go-to whimsical film I throw on to turn around a sour mood. Though, an actress turned iconic beauty, her years spent doing philanthropic work is what made her most beautiful of all !



Happy Birthday Ms. Go’ lightly—!


Meanwhile, in Fantasy Land…The Met Gala (the most noteworthy event in the fashion world) just happened. And just as expected the red carpet was sprinkled with unreal gowns ! A few of my favorite and most swoon worthy looks below:

Jessica Alba in Diane Von Fusrtenberg
Rihanna in Stella McCartney
Rihanna in Stella McCartney
Rachel McAdams in Ralph Lauren Collection
Emma Stone in Thakoon
Leighton Meester in Emilio Pucci
Leighton Meester in Emilio Pucci
Beyonce in Givenchy
Blake Lively in Gucci
Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively both in Gucci---could they be more perfect?
Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively both in Gucci—could they be more perfect?
Kim Kardashian in Lanvin with Kanye West--I have to say this is the best I think they've ever looked !
Kim Kardashian in Lanvin with Kanye West–I have to say this is the best I think they’ve ever looked !

A mashup of all things I’ve been loving on lately…!

To all you hustling out there–keep at it.



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