What I Wore Wednesday.

Overdressing, I have now come to accept is a hobby of mine. And so, when the rare occasion strikes, I take full advantage. Hence, a new segment (I hope to keep up): What I Wore Wednesday. 

Grandma & Nani—my forever style icons !

There is no doubt that the fashion seed was planted by both of my ultra chic, fashion-adoring grandmothers ! My Latina nani (who abides by the “more is more” motto of dressing) recently told me that when she came over to the United States (New York City, mind you…) she was in absolute shock & horror at how “the Americans dressed like peasants “… She is Cubanó & can completely get away with saying things like that… but also just reiterated how seriously the Spaniards take their dressing… another tiny reason added to the novel I’ve now written on why I am so excited to get on a plane to SPAIN !

Here are just a few of my most recent looks & then a special city feature from my babe of a cousin who proves that business professional can look effortless and cool…

photo 1
1) Crop Top; Forever 21 ($5.80), Jersey Pants; H&M ($12.95), Sandals; Jessica Simpson ($71.99)      2) Maxi Dress; Macy’s, Sandals; Chinese Laundry ($59.00 )     3) Jumpsuit; Forever 21 ($22.80), Gold Belt; Macy’s ($48.00), Camel Wedges; Unlisted ($47.20 )
photo 3
1) Romper; Forever 21 ($19.80), Camel Wedges; Unlisted ($47.20)   2) Jean Jacket; vintage American Rag, Top; vintage INC, Zebra Skirt; vintage Forever 21 ($15.80)      3) My cousin rocking a black pant suit, leopard blouse & a golden chunky chain= San Francisco City Swag !                             **vintage= purchased forever ago & cannot be found online !

**On a much more serious note–this is the current state of my hometown (Carlsbad) & school (San Marcos)…both up in flames !

from our backyard in Carlsbad !
stay safe my Cougars !
CSUSM fire

My thoughts & prayers go out to my family, friends, classmates  &all who have been  affected by these horrible fires–this is the closest to home its ever been ! Grateful as ever for our hardworking firefighters !!!

Nothing like a fire to remind us all of what matters & what you would grab if evacuated…as much as I “love” all the clothes listed above—they would absolutely be the very last thing on my list ! Stay safe all .



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  1. What a week it has been! Thank God we are all safe! And of course we pray for those who lost their homes! I was so honored to be included in your fashion article! Your blogs are fun to read–well done! Love you! Gma

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