Day One: Viaje a España.

ready for Espana !

So, as expected, the journey to Spain did not go entirely as planned and/or smoothly–but, I officially made it and am happy as ever to have simply landed in the right country :)… after a number of delays, chasing connecting flights and massive spouts of turbulence it all seemed questionable !

packing light, of course !
a little piece of heaven above the clouds
mall of Madrid !

On night one, in Spain, I stayed in a hotel local to the airport—which on one hand was nice but also left little room for exploration with hardly anything near–but that didn’t stop us. After mi amiga from the program arrived  into Madrid we taxied to the closest location for dinner  and landed at a giant mall–we sat down at a number of places but our hungry tummies needed food quickly and so… I am entirely embarrassed to admit that our first official meal in Spain was not tapas or anything close but good old Subway…

Along the way we learned a number of things—first and foremost, our lack of Spanish is a problem and we better learn quick (!!!)… avocados are hard to come by, and my name is pronounced “Peige”…so, I now am introducing myself as “Pagina”—{page as in paper in Spanish) .

Over the night my roomie unfortunately caught a horrible stomach bug–we think from all the travel and perhaps plane food. Poor thing—emotions have been all over the place just in being in a foreign land already and all anyone wants when sick is home sweet this adventure to Spain has definitely proven to have begun to test the thickness of our skin ( hers moreso 😦 …!!!)
As I let her rest in the room, I decided to do a little morning jog out & about in SPAIN and then top it off with a lovely killing time spree in the hotel gym.

This podcast got me through it and definitely was no coincidence in message—a perfect fit for my curet paradigm: to explore, travel, see & do !—the podcast featured the author of …..and reminds us all just how easy, yet dangerous it can be to become computable in your life, though we are really animals, after all, and completely sort of meant to get out there and explore!


…i thought i was getting away from Calavera?

big, giant wishes !
my AC Hotel Marriott surroundings
a Euro trail…
gymnasia en el hotel Espana… why not.

So that is exactly what I plan to do–no expectations, just along for the ride and taking in as much as possible! I don’t think I have ever been happier…&&now just currently looking so forward to meeting my home stay family, busing it into Valladolid && beginning classes in the morning !



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