While In Spain…

Hola soy de Espana…where everything is better (even the selfies !)

Aghh—where do I even begin?? It has only been four days and the adventure in Spain has been unreal. Quickly want to share a few of my most recent favorite experiences…

mi verde y perfecto room !

First off–my home stay family could not be better. Mi Madre en Espana is much like my mother back at home—warm and loving with youth vivid in her eyes ! She has four children (two are studying abroad)…&&her eldest daughter is a fashion designer. So, obviously we have quickly bonded over our love for peplum and haute couture fashion over our midday meals. She, like many in Spain, is a powerhouse who got her BA degree and masters in under five years and continues to work so very hard in her shop everyday !
One thing the Spaniards do is eat together as a family every day…no matter what ! But the meal time is completely different–the main being midday, around 2:30. I have classes from 9:30-1:50 and then am home around 2:30 for our meal, chit-chat & siesta. Mi Madre Espana is currently takes classes de ingles (English) and we struggle to communicate—going back in forth to the little we know in each other language–but it makes for great practice and we mange to get by just fine !

todays meal—salad, wheat bran omelet ( made to be “como un pan”—like a bread& meat (baby pig ear) & potato stew ….all delicioso !
bean, potatoes and meat stew–made by a sweet neighbor, who ( i think, if I understood correctly) has a restaurant and brings over once a week !

Today was my first day of classes–beginning with three hours of language and then an hour of culture class….EVERYTHING is in Spanish…so I am learning a lot. Both professors are young && animated.  The first word my culture Prof. “Nacho” taught us today was:  joder—to fuck and/or to piss about.

I have been extremely lost in the city a number of times (directions were never my strong suit) and last night post tapas post tapas it took me and my poor amigo about an hour to find my hidden little street…just circling the same plaza over and over…! But its all part of the adventure and we have been happy in every moment.

//More favorites…

sangria & “vino tinto”—a must basically todas las dias in Spain.
this sight is very common in Spain—two besties, dressed to the nines–out for a late afternoon stroll & cappuccino! This will completely be me and my own one day… 🙂
Cathedrals and sight seeing in Valladolid
Muy feliz over tapas !
Plaza Mayor–the main plaza of Valladolid…it is giant && beautiful—I pass through daily for class and is also the central location for all of Valladolid’s meet ups.

Off to sleep—more to come on the language & culture classes, the clothes, the food, the vino, the people, the everything—all are entirely beyond any expectation ….

&& then this happened…

Just so happens a yoga studio exists right below my flat—no one speaks a word of English, but of course, I don’t care and think it’ll be amazing…our first class is tomorrow night.

I. Cant. Wait !!!!!

Buenos Noches—-


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Bruno says:

    Paige, I’m so excited for your home stay experience. Did you know I am a homestay host? currently with students fromTiwaiin and china? My sister has had a couple of lovely young ladies from Spain. enjoy every minute. I look forward to your posts. Blessings to a wonderful adventure. ❤

  2. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Your posts are spactacular, Paige! I May even know a little Spanish after reading them! Love that you are thriving and the people sound amazing! Thanks for sharing this trip of a lifetime that will forever change you! Loving you, gma

  3. Tammy Pollock says:

    Thank you for sharing Paige! I am so thrilled that you are experiencing this amazing opportunity! Keep the pictures coming!!! Love to you!!!

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