Espana Favorites: Shoes, Accessories, Makeup + More…

In both Valladolid && Madrid I have found myself constantly inspired and basically drooling over their ways of dress and beauty. Many things are similar to the United States—just turned up a notch. The rumor was absolutely true…Spanish style is impeccable && I can’t wait to bring some of the following finds home…!

Also below are just a select few of my favorite most recent moments in Spain…

//Champagne & ‘little miracles’ with my tres amigas before our first night out in Madrid.


//Penny loafers-–comfy and an absolute steal found in Madrid. Especially special porque they remind me of my Cubano grandfather…


//The arm party continues to grow…

IMG_5199 IMG_4965

//An español Aztec satchel && polarizad sunnies (all the rave aquí en Madrid !)…


//Breakfast in Madrid–my love of oats has quickly been entirely replaced by muesli (chewy granola)—so yum !


//The eyeliner dot beauty trend & colored liner

Completely crept this shot…but the white eyeliner dot trend is so cute !
Teal eyeliner

//Reconnecting with an old international friend over cocktails, spiked watermelon, hookah and Spanglish conversation !

old friends, new friends—no hablo ingles y espanol makes for the set of conversation !

//Street art in Madrid…

IMG_5218 IMG_5239 IMG_5240

…&&somethings never change…no matter the location:

//Travel Necessities

Magazines, coffee & bubblegum on the travel from Valladolid to Madrid—all I ever need/want. Oh && music, of course.


//Sense of direction…

kind of sort of happy to say ‘Goodbye Madrid’ !

It has never been my strong suit & I have definitely been more lost than found here in Europa. Tonight was definitely the topper…just when we thought we were finally getting this traveling (global citizen) thing down, we managed to miss our train—trying to depart tom the wrong train station altogether. Not to mention five minutes prior, my ticket (for the train we ended up missing anyways) was no where to be found. After walking miles upon miles around Madrid, repurchasing train tickets, hopping onto the metro, getting off and on the metro at wrong spots, and then finally getting onto (fingers crossed) the correct train back home to Valladolid, its safe to say that we are looking forward to tomorrows siesta.


First set of tears in Spain….still proud but eh. Don’t worry–i’m challenging it.

First B at Uni…no me gusta.

//Being a Leo

Proud leos—posing with our lion, needing some ‘me’ time and loving being a leo…

Leo’s do it better….!

…Still happy. Still pinching ourselves in those “I am in Spain right now” moments && excited and ready to begin week two of the best experience of my life.

Goodnight Valladollid. Never been happier to be “home sweet home”…!!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Pollock says:

    LOVE every second of your blog posts Paigey!!! Its like we are there for the ride along with you!!! xoxo!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences both good and bad! Your adventures are brave and amazing! Lots of prayers for you, so keep on keeping on! Fantastic pictures! Much love, gma

  3. aregan1232 says:

    OOh! the arm candy. love the mix of colors and textures! so amazing and inspiring 🙂 lots of love

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