Traveling Lessons While Exploring, Dreaming and Discovering Abroad…

After spending a magical weekend in San Sebastian this current week being back to school in Valladolid has been sort of a grind.

Perro, like life anywhere in the world and especially in foreign parts, with every down comes an unimaginable up and I would not take this experience away for anything. With that being said, I thought I would quickly share just a few of the many important lessons travel (&& Spanish culture) has taught me, thus far—

//The world is both mind boggling large and coincidentally small.

//People are put into your lives at certain times for a reason.

//Traveling is not nearly as chic as it sounds…;)—but definitely worth it.

//Things have a way of working out.

//Getting lost is the best way to learn.

//Siesta is good for your health !

//Family is absolutely everything.
There have definitely been times of homesickness, which I expected just being completely solo, ultra introverted (most of the time) and a  total homebody…but then I stumble upon something like this and have an “I’m in Spain right now” moment of gratitude…

IMG_5896 IMG_5897 IMG_5900 IMG_5901

This park runs along Rio Pisuerga (the “beach” of Valladolid) and goes for miles and miles. It has been a favorite find close to mi casa and anytime of day is full of Spaniards.

My only advice is that if you ever have the opportunity to travel—just do it . I had heard it all before, but truly, there is nothing like it.



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