Barcelona: In Nutshell.


This past weekend was spent in Barcelona and of course, the two short days flew by all too quickly—although, I am pretty pleased with the amount we did manage to see && do in just two short days. I received a number of messages prior to arriving, warning me just how magical the city of BA is…and its true, sadly no words or pictures will ever do it justice.

I immediately fell in love with the ambience, people && architecture. Despite arriving the night of the world cup ESPANA vs. NETHERLANDS upset, the streets still remained to be filled with hundreds of happy international personas—all who seemed  just to be happy to be in one of the greatest cities of the world.


The main beach (la playa) of Barcelona—and a must see if you are in the city and the weather is nice. This was the absolute only thing on our to-do list for Day #1 && I couldn’t have been happier to lay in the sand, take in the sun and jump into the Mediterranean ocean. We sipped on mojitos, met some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever laid eyes on and truly just felt grateful to relax. The beach is always jam packed with people, especially over summer, with people from all over the world. I cannot wait to revisit this beach.

IMG_6113 IMG_6049 IMG_6110

Mojitos—an authentic Spanish cocktail and the perfect refreshment while in España. Make your own by following this yummy recipe.

//Tapas on Las Ramblas…

Las Ramblas, in the Gotic Quarter, is the place to be anytime of day or night while visiting Barcelona. The street was literally made for people to be able to walk and is  always full of people. Lucky us, our hotel was just off of Las Ramblas, so we were able to walk everywhere and dined in the heart of the lively street both nights.  Authentic spanish cuisine can be found in a number of restaurants lining Las Ramblas, along with cute mercados that quickly serve the freshest of everything from fish, fruit, paella, cocktails, cafe, gelato…etc.

Grilled squid—perfection.
Grilled veggies
Sangria bowls—another must sip in España.
Barri Gotic Quarter in Barcelona.
you just never know who you’ll run into on Las Ramblas.
Dinner at Via70 on Las Ramblas.

//Antoni Gaudi; La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa de Gaudi…

So, when I was somewhere around eight years old I was fortunate enough to live overseas (in The Netherlands) for a few years. One of the most vivid memories was visiting Spain with my family and mostly seeing La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I think it was the first time an object brought tears to my eyes—just being in complete awe of the grandiose size and beauty of the intricate architecture. I had never seen anything like it, and being reacquainted with La Sagrada Familia, along with many other of the brilliant Antoni Gaudis masterpieces was surreal—deja vu like and something i’ll never forget. We played the complete tourist card and took a bus in an effort to hit each spot in a day–but if you ever happen to be in the same time crunch I would really recommend playing the reasonable price to see the best of Barcelona.

la Sagrada Familia && I !
La Sagra Familia by Antoni Gaudi— a combination of the architects three foundations: classics, nature & religion.
Unfortunately the La Sagrada Familia was never finished due to the tragic death of Gaudi—he spent 43 years working endlessly on this Holy Family Church and even lived inside the building while endlessly working on his masterpiece. Progress has been made and a select few architects have had honor of contributing to finishing Gaudi’s incredible vision.
Park Güell in Barcelona—the colorful, whimsical park which overlooks the city.
A nice getaway from the city, where “greenspace is rare” (Rick Steves)— 🙂 allows for visitors to enjoy nature and take in the scenery of Barcelona.
We could’ve sat here all day…

IMG_6337 IMG_6346

Casa de Gaudi, in Park Güell—now a museum, but where the architect resided for some time with his Dad.

//Plaza España; Magic Fountain of Mantjuic

Another favorite experience in Barcelona was viewing the magic fountain light and music show in Plaza España. We decided to walk, but a number of public transportations also lead directly to this plaza. The fountain moves in motion to an eclectic, nostalgic mix of music and began putting on shows in 1929. Since 300 workers have made an even more extravagant show and is another, in my opinion, must see—especially at night while visiting Barcelona.

Magic Foutain of Montjuic is just that–-magical.
An unreal view—the building atop the hill is an art museum, which not only looks over the Magic Fountain but the city of Barcelona.
four amigas—happy as ever in Barcelona !!!

Cannot believe that my time in Spain is quickly coming to an end–this upcoming week is filled with language and culture class and then ends with a final exam and graduation ceremony.  I will be so sad to leave, but am excited for my final few stops in España and ready to share everything with my loved ones back home !





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you, Paige, for sharing such wonderful pictures and commentaries as you go along! Am there with you in spirit! Puts a big smile on my face every day! Keep working and playing hard! Know time is flying by too quickly! Lots of love and prayers!

  2. Aunt Leslie says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to live vicariously through you. The photographs are beautiful and you look so thoroughly happy. You are soaking up every moment and it shows.
    We love you! Leslie, Kevin & Kelly

  3. Daniel Gomez Otegui Bermejo Medina says:

    I say drop everything you are doing and become the next Anthony Bourdain! Of course you and your friends are much easier on the eyes!! Im so happy to be see you enjoying España! The photos are so clever and your excitement and appreciation really come through.. love them!!… I loved Barcelona too and Im so happy to revisit it through your eyes!! Continue to have a blast! hugs tight! DG

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