Favorite Spanish Dish: La Tortila de Patata

La Tortilla Espanola// Tortilla de Patata:

An extremely typical dish I have seen in almost every España destination (Valladolid, Madrid, Barcelona & San Sebastian) is the la Tortilla Espanola.  Served at any time of day—la Tortilla Espanola (tortilla de patata) has collectively been one of our favorites. I wanted to come home with at least one authentic Spanish recipe up my sleeve, so today mi madre y herman a (Spanish for: mother & sister) so sweetly taught me step-by-step.

Not to get confused with mexican tortillas–la Tortilla Espanola is a combination of three things: eggs, potatoes and onions. Though, incredibly simple (just how I like my recipes) the dish can be served all on its own or paired with a variety of other sides…

What You’ll Need:


1) Olive Oil

2) Eggs

3) Potatoes

4) Onions


1) Peel and cut potatoes and onions (thinly sliced is recommended)

IMG_6506 IMG_6510

2) Cook the potatoes (with a dash of salt) in olive oil until golden brown…


3) Next replace potatoes with onions and cook with olive oil until golden brown…


4) In a separate bowl whisk together 5-8 eggs (depending on pan size & party)…


5) Combine the seared potatoes, whisked eggs and golden brown onions and mix…


6) Now, re-lather the skillet with olive oil && pour over the egg, potato and onion mix…


7) Now let cook until the edges look done…

8) With a plate larger than the pan, flip the torta and cook the other side…

IMG_6515 IMG_6516

And that’s all…

Slice, Serve & Enjoy !


I can’t wait to make this recipe at home ! Seriously simple & deliciously, authentically Española !

Besos times ten,


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  1. MON says:

    I’ll be expecting a Spanish meal when you get home!!! Looks delicious.

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