Trending In Spain: Sunnies + Shoes Were All The Rage.

Lets talk Spanish fashion

What I saw or what most rang my style radar on the streets of Spain were two things: sunnies and shoes.

Time and time again my eyes were instantly drawn to the what the Spaniards were sporting on head and toe. In the form of shoes and sunglasses, I saw some of the funkiest, most fun and unique forms of accessorizing. It became instantly clear that one of the most common ways Europeans have fun with fashion is through their accessories…Instantly inspired, I took notes and then did my best to find versions of my favorite abroad trends to bring home !


// Polarized & Mirrored

This was absolutely the most frequently seen sunnie trend—the polarized/mirrored sunglasses are an easy way both males and females instantly looked effortlessly chic and ready for summer…

‘High Bar Aviator Mirror Sunglasses’ by ASOS—$22.86
Aimee Song in ‘Juliet Sunglasses’ by Wildfox—$179
‘Platinum Gold Mirror Lens’ by zeroUV—$9.99 (!!!)
‘Retro Mod Indie Bold Cateye’ by zeroUV—$9.99 (!!!)
Olivia Palmero in ‘Westward Leaning Reflective Shades’—$78

What I found—


//Cat Eye

Next, the exaggerated cat-eye sunnie was another trend many of the Spanish women were sporting…What I love most about the cat-eye is that it suits all ages and is ultra glamorous. The cat-eye trend has been around since the ‘Old Hollywood’ days, but I had never seen such eclectic versions until in Europe… Lovee, love, love the modern versions below…

‘Iridia Crystal Embellished’ by Fendi—$495
…and again because I’m obsessed with these…’Iridia Crystal Embellished’ by Fendi—$495
‘Nastasya’ by Tom Ford—$380
‘Northern Lights CatEye’ by Karen Walker—$250
‘Zibas Sunglasses’ by Kate Spade—$138

What I found—

Simple, chic and golden.



I don’t know about you, but I definitely lived in my jellies as a little girl… All sorts of nostalgia occurred when I frequently saw the jelly trend on the streets of Spain—both comfortable and cute, I made it my mission to find myself a pair.

‘Thalia T-Strap Sandal’ by Sophia Webster-–$280
‘Pink Violeta Flats’ by Sophia Webster—$68
‘T-strap Sandal’ in clementine (more colors available) by Hunter-–$85
‘Rosa Rainbow Heel’ by Sophia Webster—$287

What I found—

‘Golden Jellies’ by Igor (Spanish brand)—about $30

//The Birkenstock

This shoe trend was originally something I just couldn’t get behind—the birkenstock is typically worn for solely comfort purposes (think: with socks…in the garden?) but as of recent the shoe has been transformed and I am loving the made over modern versions…still incredibly comfortable yet a bit asker on the eyes 😉

‘Fancie Sandal’ by Topshop-–$65

‘Daphne Sandal’ by Miss KG—$48
‘Paz Two Strap Sandal’ by Loeffler Randal-–$150

What I Found—

‘Sam & Libby Birkenstock Sandal’ at Target-–$22.50

//The Block Heel (Sandal)

This thickened heel—the block heel, is a definite summer do. If you are looking for a comfortable way to add height to any outfit the block heel, in my opinion,  is the perfect way!  A bit dressier than the typical go-to wedge, yet still a manageable way women effortlessly walked the cobbled streets of Spain. Still on the hunt for my perfect pair—but below are a few of my current favorites…

‘Maribella Open Toe Sandal’ by Michael Kors—$115.50
‘Natalia Sandal’ by Tory Burch—$234
‘Block Heel Sandal’ from Victorias Secret—$88
‘Colorblock Sandal’ from Victorias Secret—$39.99
‘Glitter Mini Block Heel’ by RiverIsland—$76.22



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  1. Love to read about what fashion trends attract you, Paige! So much fun –and I learn something!

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