Stretch It Out.

Needing some ‘get your booty back to yoga’ inspiration

…&& these beautiful images of simply stretching managed to do the job:

145098f9e64eb9a49ce36a93d34e7d00 d3af22ec3cf5b97a9e3aa5b60642beea 138c5508cd9468cdc159108e617709f5 802fc6ee62d7091d8bb7247f68e40f14 50c70f5a9e359630e76a065bd86a4530df63b9762b1593dd96cb344dac9abb95 bc64ad65eb18e8a989bf19e42338c4f9 c3eb036f0a99169d735e5cc72ccdb13db2d767b42322d4e9cc17fb23d2726028f3c316a44c238f51e70e69c81418a1750f416aaf3727e64244ba77ede94395d7if you have a spare second—even if it doesn’t look as pretty as above, I encourage you to go s t r e t c h your body && listen to this playlist…never fails to do the body a little  good.



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