5 (+) Things I’m Currently Loving…

1. Gratitude Journal

Expressing gratitude is one of my favorite ways to stay grounded—no matter what phase of life there is always something to be thankful for…some days {for me} its as silly as Netflix series House of Cards, a smooch from my puppy, the existence of bubble gum or this pen& piece of paper—nonetheless,  I’ve found that starting and ending each day with gratitude has been a calming and rewarding practice…

photo 3
my sweet little gratitude journal.

2. Top Knots

For all those times when its just too hot or hair is just plain && simply in the way…top knots are my go-to… thank God they are now completely trending/appropriate to wear in public 😉

6a922bf47c1d4c32a3ce463ffc87692a 19cdc5518b4df727b936c0240809334a


3. DIY WallArt

Some good…some bad…some i’m really not sure what I’m gonna do with—but, being creative & finding inspiration is always a pleasurable past time of mine.

Lipstick inspired paintings—i’m thinking framed & for my new apartment bathroom…?
photo 1
‘Frida’ and ‘Pineapple’ doodle pen art—summer inspire….inspiration truthfully unknown, but pleased with result !

4. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Online shopping/drooling over so many swoon worthy steals ! Ending August 4th—hurry up, its almost over !


Frends ‘Layla’ Headphones—$99 (typically $149.99)
Voluspa Candle Trio—$15.90 (typically $25+)
Kate Spade ‘Le Pavillion’ iPhone 5 accessories—$25.90 (originally $40)

workout wear—

Karma ‘Doris’ cutaway shorts—$32.16 (originally $48)
Zella ‘Live In’ capris—$35.98 (originally $48)


Dolce Vita ‘Bodhi’ Sandal—$46.19 (originally $68.19)
Michael Kors ‘Josephine’ wedge—$149.90 (originally $184.95)

5. Beauty Vlogs

…And lastly, another something i’m currently loving may perhaps be an understatement here …these ladies and their beauty vlogs share all the latest makeup ‘how-to’ trends, alongside their most favored products and other fun little tid bits (fashion, lifestyle, recipes & more!). be warned-–even if you had little to no interest in beauty products beforehand, these charming ladies (most with accent) && their vlogs may just steal away a good amount of your day…(but, hey--your face/hair/skin may thank you) !

Current favorite channels—

Tanya Burr

Essie Button

Lisa Eldridge

Claire Marshall

Miss Glamorazzi



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