Eye Brow Envy.

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow
–Jack Black


Couldn’t have said it better myself…&& with summer in full swing, when it comes to make up: less, is most definitely more !

My recent makeup routine has consisted of: moisturizer, a brush to the brows, and perhaps a lipstick or gloss application (reserved for special occasions). But, after sifting through a number of beauty blogs, my eyebrow envy has not only been through the roof but also somewhat challenged…So, in an effort to avoid looking like Frida Kahlo, meet the ladies who are doing it best below…

My EyeBrow Inspirations:

fitness blogger at http://aubernutter.tumblr.com. hello, brow perfection !
j.lo proving that a strong brow, fresh complexion and very little makeup is the key to beauty !
Cara Delevingne: the eyebrow goddess.
Cara Delevingne, take 2.
golden brows at Christian Dior---why not?
golden brows at Christian Dior—why not?

Even though my own will most likely never resemble these bushy beauties (I seriously mean that as a compliment) above, I will have to make due with my own && follow the rules.

First, I’ve listed a few simple steps on how to begin the process… then, I’ve also attached video tutorials from Tanya Burr, Claire Marshall && Camila Coelho, who offer different versions on just how to perfectly fill in and/or tame the brows…&& lastly, shop everything you’ll need to get the brows of your dreams with my collection at the bottom !

Tips for Better {bushier} Brows:

1.  Put the tweezers down—if growing your brows out is the goal, relax and let it happen… Rather than getting tweeze happy (which typically ends in disaster) embrace the in-between phases and use pencil to fill in.

2. Use a growth serum. Speed up the process with biotin (found in most serums), which stimulates cell growth. Some of the most trusted serums are–>
Note: Start slow—apply lightly, once a day (rather than twice like most labels suggest). Nothing worthy comes too quickly and avoid irritating the skin by slowly introducing the growth serum.

3. Cheat. Invest in some eyebrow filling pencils, mascaras and brow brushes devoted to assist the awkward phases while growing them out. Some of my favorites include–>

4. Be patient. Like I said before, nothing worthy comes with ease–so thick, luscious brows are no different… Do your best with what you have, pencil/brush and fill in where you can && remember au natural is the goal…

Beauty Vlog Tutorials: 

&& lastly, shop my collection here for all my favorite eyebrow tools needed to keep yours on point !



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  1. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Honestly, Paige, I feel like I am reading a great article in Voque or something! Your articles are fantastic, and that is NOT gma talking! Loads of pride and love!

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