DIY: Gallery Wall.


With the big move into my first apartment underway another jam packed fall school semester just around the corner….things have been hectic, to say the least. I have become way better with tools than I ever intended, but hey—being handy, comes in handy….right? (like what I did there?)

After struggling through the not so fun Ikea furniture building, it was time to let my creative juices flow…and thus, I want to share my latest home decor project: the gallery wall.

What you’ll need—

  • –Frames, wall art, mirror, crosses, plates, shelves… (literally…anything you want)

–Butcher paper, pen, scissors & tape.

–Nails, hammer, adhesive hangers (not necessary–but make life so much easier!)



Begin by laying out your frames, pieces of art, mirrors, trinkets (whatever you may be using…) on the floor & arrange to your liking. Some tips for what to use and how to organize can be found here.


My biggest recommendations are to one, make it personalized by including things that not only enhance your space but mean something to you…and two,  keep some amount of cohesion—(this could be in the color scheme used: sticking to soley warm vs. cool colors, the way in which you hang your pieces {having one line of symmetry at the top & bottom} or including multiple, identical frames)…

For example, I included: a massive painting my sweet brother got for me (the focal point) and surrounded it with family photos (keeping identical frames together in clusters), a vintage mirror I once shared with my bestie, a painting of the country  of Spain, a portrait of my puppy, a watercolor quote my sister made for me…!


Once you’ve gathered what you will be including in your gallery wall, and have arranged them on the floor, you will next trace your frames/paintings/mirrors (etc…) on butcher paper and hang the templates, with tape on the wall. I know… making templates may seem a bit tedious but really allows for more freedom to play and avoid mistakes (what looks great collaged on the floor doesn’t always necessarily transfer so nicely to the wall—trust me on this one).



Once the templates are up on the wall and you are pleased with the rough drafted version, mark your ‘x”s (centered above templates & where your actual nails will go)…

hang your templates & mark your x’s…(disregard the tape below, was eyeballing my couches height, who hadn’t come yet) !

Finally, take down the butcher paper, get hammering & hang !

Waaahlaah…& just like that, you too can have your own little (or big), personalized art gallery. I’m loving mine & hope you find a spare wall to simply and totally transform in your home too  !

my (almost) completed version

Click here or the button below, to make this project even easier…shop online/browse through some of the things I utilized and/or plan to add to the gallery wall 🙂

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pops says:

    Great post PJ! So nice to see your setup, Ikea table and all, on Friday. Love what you’ve done with the place! Baby Louie and Tyler’s painting are my favs!

    Love you, Pops

  2. That is exactly what I plan to do in the hallway,Paige? You are so far ahead of me–I have been procrastinating for over a year! Thanks for the motivation! Want to do mine with Pollock family photos! Hope you post your finished product–template looks fantastic! You are a decorating diva! Hope to see it all soon! Much love–and pride, gma

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