5 (+) Things I’m Currently Loving…

//1) Jack Johnson—

Revisiting old music is always fun—especially, live ! Was so great to hear Jack Johnson and witness my new favorite bromance when Jack brought out his buddy and local surfer, Rob Machado, on stage to jam for a bit … it was precious. If its been a while, give Jack another listen—so refreshingly calming.

photo 1

…& a Sam Smith, Tracy Chapman: ‘Fast Car’ cover—

//2) All Natural Beauty Products—

photo 2
Evan Healy all-natural daily skin-care skit.

One of my sweetest gal pals, who works in the Whole Foods beauty department and specializes in all-natural skin care, gifted me this set…absolutely love it! A simple, yet effective routine that has my skin feeling flawless. Cant wait to try more of the Evan Healy products. Shop her skin care  products here…purchase online or find at most whole food, organic grocery markets (Whole Foods, Sprouts etc…) .


After hearing about this soap on a number of outlets & beauty forums, I finally tracked it down at a local pharmacy…Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, is all organic and a steal for the quality & ingredients at only $4.95 ! Peppermint scent has been my favorite thus far, and will most likely become a lifelong staple . Go fetch some at Whole Foods, Target or online.

//3) Tru Foods Kitchen—

Panang curry, Bison burger, Mediterranean salad & Vegetable crudités to share… p e r f e c t i o n.
photo 2-1
skinny margarita

Tru Foods Kitchen—it’s my absolute favorite. Not the cheapest of casual dining—but for the freshness factor and all around yumminess, totally with the splurge.  Locations are sprouting everywhere…see if you can find one near you ! If not, I urge you to get the founders cookbook or scout some recipes online. Look for Dr. Wiel’s: True Foods, with all the restaurants recipes & more…!

//4) ‘Opportunity’

Just the word—plain & simple. Opportunities are everywhere-–sometimes one opportunity opens to another…sometimes they fall into your lap…sometimes they don’t exist at all…but thats just an opportunity to go fetch something for yourself…right? 😉

I’ve found that having a positive, opportune mind-set has really helped make the best of everything…

“This is an opportunity to….”

…spread my wings.
…try something new.
….spend time with love ones.
…challenge myself.

//5) Lip Color

photo 3

The lipstick love affair continues…my three current favorites are MAC’s: DreamDaze, Twig and Modesty (from left to right).

TGIF (!!!)—Xo,

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  1. Always fun to read what is catching your eye currently. Fun and well done, as usual, and I always pick up a good tip! And love True Foods plug plus yummy pictures! A family favorite for sure! You are always a sparkle in my day! Loads of love!

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