Morning Routine

Photo on 9-8-14 at 7.41 AM #2
top of the morning to you.

morning rituals are important—and as life changes, they seem to as well…this can be nice but also a bit uneasy if your a creature of habit, like me.

i love to hear the little details of ones morning ritual or bedtime routine. those moments when we are getting ready for the day ahead or reflecting on the day behind us are precious, though mostly disregarded as we just fly through the motions…

so, this monday morning, I thought i’d take a second to jot down some of the things that don’t seem to leave my morning routine, no matter where in the world I happen to wake up…

Wake Up Call: 6:00-6:30 AM (on weekdays), with the sun (on weekends) !

I wouldn’t say that i’m necessarily a “morning person”…but do, more often than not, wake up in a good mood…mornings are a fresh start and with a lot of positive things going on in my life right now I can’t help but be excited about…basically, everything (!!!)

Stretch it out— the yogi in me can’t help but have a good stretch, straight out of bed…even when I’m not practicing so much, my body just doesn’t feel right without some twists, turns, cracks and pops…gross, but feels great.

Habit I Hate: checking the phone…emails, fb messages, instagram posts, blog notifications, work stuff, school stuff…all within this little technological device (thats a lot of pressure). but really it just irks me when I think too much of just how much time is wasted staring at a tiny little screen that truthfully isn’t really helping to shape a productive day.

Coffee: big, black, strong & preferably in a cute mug. Nothing like the coffee bean aroma and first sip…

*thanks to some of the lovelies in my life, my sipping has been even more enjoyable in these housewarming mugs:

photo 2-1

Brekky: i’m a big believer in a good, hearty breakfast…and like i stated earlier (habitual monster) its pretty pathetic how ritualistic my breakfast staples are…bran oats, greek yogurt & berries; chia seed pudding; omelet or green smoothie are a few of my favorites, currently.


photo 1 photo 2

Audio: I’m obsessed with both music and podcasts and typically am listening to one or the other as I work away on homework/studies, over breakfast. Follow me on sound cloud, to see what I’m listing to  and/or click here to read a previous post on some of my most favorite  podcasts.

whats your morning ritual ?
have a great week.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Once again a lovely thought provoking blog! Love the homey pictures as well! You look so settled and comfy. Mornings and evenings are special and I do enjoy my rituals as well. I AM a morning person, so I love getting up before anyone else and having a quiet moment to myself before the day starts–with a cup of Chai tea and the newspaper seated at the kitchen counter. Then over to the sofa with my bible and Mass booklet along with reading a bit of the life of the saint of the day (my heros). Spending time with Christ gives me perspective, confidence and hope!

    Always fun to know what you are pondering! Love you!

  2. Pops says:

    Brilliant post! Our routines are silent champions feeding our determination to reach beyond ourselves. Black coffee, that’s my girl and thanks for the shout out with Hozier! Love and miss you!!

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