MMM: Music Channels To Follow.

Perhaps this posting is inspired by the paper I just completed for a media & religion course–‘Music as Religion’…analyzing, just that. I went into comparing the feelings evoked through religious/spiritual practices versus those drawn from music…

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it all, but in my research, I did delightfully stumble upon some of these incredible musicians and their YouTube channels. Something about getting back to the basics, listening to the authenticity of instruments–minus the jazzed up studio versions (which there is also a time & place for), is so nice.

music is forever a favorite way of mine to connect with people. so, please share what you’re listening to.

enjoy !



//The mahogany sessions

their mission is deliver great music to your eyes & ears…often acoustic, sometimes rather well known artists, lots of covers ! go explore—too many good ones to post.

Allen Stone: “Is This Love”

Michael Kiwanuka: “I’m Getting Ready”

Kenzie May: “All I Really Need”

Marques Toliver: “Deep In My Heart”


a childhood friend, from and living in Espana, who brilliantly covers some of the current best tracks (typically dub) on piano…always in awe.

Tchamix: multiple tracks including Aluna Georges’ ‘You Know You Like It’

…a piece of the original—>

Cashmere Cat: ‘With Me’

…the original–>

Daft Punk: ‘Random Access Memories’ 

…the original–>

//Pia Mia

one of my favorite voices, ever…her style=just as rad.

cover of Jhene Aikos’: “Comfort Inn”

…the original–>

cover of Frank Oceans’: “Swim Good”

…the original–>

//Jessica Sanchez

when you can flawlessly cover Queen Bee, like this girl, you deserve some kudos.

cover of Beyonces’: “Pretty Hurts”

cover of Beyonces’: “Drunk in Love”

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