Fall ’14 Fashion Trends, according to Alex Yanez.


San Diego Magazine has me and my fellow intern doing all sorts of fun things…

This past weekends assignment: attend a Fall Fashion Trend Report Show at Nieman Marcus—hosted by our own, Senior Editor  and Nieman Marcus’ very own Style Advisor, Alex Yanez.

So much fun and even better when our editor won for the ‘top stylized look’ ($1000 to her charity: Wounded Warrior).

Yanez, the fashion guru, was right on point in blending trends and creating a drool-worthy show.

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming fall season…

{press play, to get the whole fashion show vibe}

1) Gray Matters.

Goodbye browns and taupes, white and creams—gray, though typically unappreciated in the wardrobe world, is the biggest neutral this fall. Turn drab into fab by mixing the understated hue with just about anything ! One tip to keep in mind, and as you can see below, is to pair gold with gray to warm up the color.

IMG_9169 IMG_9164 IMG_9166

IMG_9162 IMG_9156

2) Evergreen.

We were all green with envy, as the color appeared frequently on the runway, in all shades…see below (every angle of my my absolute favorite…) !


IMG_9179 IMG_9175

IMG_9172 IMG_9171


3) Global Chic.

Whether you’re traveled or not—looking the part, is always in style ! Colorful, bold and often over-the-top, I’m loving the global chic trend.

IMG_9120 IMG_9116

IMG_9108 IMG_9130


3) Texturize and Layer Knits.

Sweater season is upon us, and layering chunky pieces together can be tricky. The key is to pair different textures and allow for some shape to peek through (see below in the fitted arms sleeves peeking through or skirt). An all-time favorite of mine, and fall-time go-to is the sweater over skirt.


IMG_9135 IMG_9125

IMG_9143 IMG_9147 IMG_9148


Overall, my favorite words of advice from Yanez, was that (thankfully) in fashion right now one of the biggest rules to “follow”—> there are absolutely none .

So, do take what you’ve gathered from the experts and then apply by making them all your own

Next stop—the San Diego Film Festival !



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  1. Pollock says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

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