Trending: Metallic Tattoos.

photo 2
say hello to my newest, favorite thing (currently trending–but I think, here to stay): metallic tattoos by Shine Designs.

as many of you know, and as the blog suggests—anything of a golden hue is right up my alley…so, after seeing these sparkly, temporary tats on a number of my favorite bloggers, in magazines and on Beyonce…I just had to get my paws on them.

all hail Queen B, sporting the trend…just accept: what Beyonce says, or wears, typically goes ! 
be warned: you will definitely get asked “is that jewelry or a tattoo?”…

easy to apply, temporary, and seriously so fun—if you’ve got an upcoming birthday, concert, night out with the girls…go order you and your closest gal pals some of these metallic tattoos from Shine Designs.

 (hurry to use the current promo 20% off of orders over $25, using promocode: 20off25 !)

photo 3
cant wait to share and try more !

hope you sparkle and shine today and always …



One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary Pollock says:

    OMG Paige I totally read this wrong!!! I didn’t realize the necklace on you was a tat!!! How cool are those!? very fun!!!

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