Mass Media Monday: Music + ‘Net Finds


Everything; their outfits, moves, lip color…i just adore.

tumblr_n7pf4nWWjc1qi227io1_500 tumblr_n12pw4ZJ491qi227io1_500 tumblr_nd7cvpFLni1qi227io1_r1_500Chargaux: such creative creatures… for more artsy eye pleasure, go here + follow them on sound cloud here.


so good. love his twirls & how he throws it to the skeleton. ugh, so thankful i do not, currently, have a roomie.

cultural rant; the catcall @#$!!


the whole catcall phenomenon is nothing new but has most recently been put on blast…so, I couldn’t help but spread a little more awareness through this tmblr account, which gives ladies an outlet to vent/find solace by sharing what they were wearing while they were catcalled.

first & foremost—this does not go for all men. let’s just get that out of the way.

…I was disgusted and heartbroken reading some of these cat-calling horror tales; my face slowly cementing into my lovely go-to tactic: stink face. Although it’s not pretty nor very effective… it is about the only thing that feels appropriate without entirely over reacting when faced when an unwarranted catcall. The site– “But What Was She Wearing…” makes it ever clear that the issue of catcalls (or, minor sexual harassments) isn’t just happening to those women many falsely accuse of “asking for it” by dressing in a certain way.

the catcall: “mmm, nice legs…,” while out shopping. This woman never told anyone because she though it would add to her whole feminist persona & the incident made her feel ashamed to be out…shopping…minding her own business.
the catcall: “supp, girl?” & whistling from a car driving by…the interaction, though not horrific, startled her and made her feel awkward.
the catcall: “your finnneeee…let me see whats under that thing” (referring to her hijab). She burst into tears.
the catcalls: “Come here girl”, “Smile girl”, “Hey, I’m talking to you. don’t ignore me”, “Stupid bitch”.

There is such a difference between complimenting a person versus disrespecting them … but, surprisingly, many don’t find that “skill” as obvious as others. All the hoopla on the topic also had me pondering how the trend started— I don’t know if it’s something that becomes a habit–perhaps after years of locker room talk, trying to impress buddies at the bar, passed down in the military, after months of deprivation…

I’m truly at a loss. I genuinely couldn’t imagine aggressively  commenting on a strangers appearance in such a way ever. And thankfully, couldn’t imagine any of the men in my family doing so either.

In my experience, as someone who really truly loves dolling herself up from time to time, I could relate to some of those stories…because I have encountered times when I drew unwanted attention to myself by wearing what I wanted, which granted can be a bit eclectic on occasion. Perhaps the catchers think I did it for them… but its always sort of always just for me…occasionally a special someone…but definitely not for you, anonymous heckler.

And of course, I’m well aware of bigger issues of the world, and the haunting fact that this is the not the low end of the sexual harassment scale. But, I tend to think that words are important. And, in my experience, my day has both been made and ruined by a gentleman’s kind use of language or the alternative. Just saying’. Mostly it just makes me sad that young girls & women, worldwide, feel scared, fed up and powerless…or have to think twice about the ways they present themselves that day.

But in the end, it doesn’t even really matter. the catcall is unavoidable. It needs to change. We can all do better.

happy monday — xx — paige julian

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