happy one year + outlook on 2K15.

IMG_0015so, exactly one year ago i launched my bloggie; wanting to do something that essentially scared the living s#!@ out of me. looking back now I cant believe the nervousness I had in just launching this blog (seriously, my Mom had to encourage the click).

But, the things that followed in 2014, I truly could have never imagined…i watched my big sis marry the love of her life (Fig. 1), i traveled to Spain to study and meet extended family we’ve been disconnected to for years (& fell madly in love with both the people and Country–Fig.2), I moved away from my safety-zone (mom & dads home) into my own little nook to finish my last year (eek!–Fig.3) at Uni, I took on a hefty 20+ unit semester –-i seriously don’t know what i’m constantly trying to prove to myself— alongside landing a dream internship at San Diego Magazine…where i was published online and in print (what?) and began contributing to other outlets (Fig.4). I have had the opportunity to work with a number of women, both in school and at work, who have become new mentors, friends and lifelong-potential business collaborators. i did a lot of things in the last year that i naively thought were impossible, apace with giving up a few things that i thought i couldn’t possibly live without, all in an effort to really just re-focus on the ultimate goal; tunnel vision on that degree…goodbye social life, blogging, long runs and yoga…hello getting to know myself, straight A’s (ish), growth in writing, muffin-top… knowing that the struggle/hustle (whatever you want to call it) isn’t forever, but the outcome and little achievements along the way are long-lasting and SO worthwhile.

One Year

all i can really say is…whoa.

2014 came and went & in some ways i feel like a completely different person from the girl who launched this blog, one year ago, though as I sit here writing this, i also feel overwhelmingly quite the same.

what i can say is that i not only met what i set out to do (specifically with this blog), but kind of exceeded my expectations (shocking, seriously). the goal (with gq) was to do something, one thing, that sacred me…and, looking back, i spent most of 2014 feeling a collective blend of excitement and fear. golden quierencia launched a rhythm of fearlessness that i have whole-heartidley enjoyed. it wasn’t easy, nor glamorous, but my goodness was it worth it.

but blergh. i am so stupid excited for what’s to come in 2015, my golden year (25 on the 25th of July)– it’s bound to be special–the good, the bad, the ugly and unexpected; i am ready for you (and hope you all are too).

this upcoming year i’m finishing my BA in media studies and contemplating career paths, graduate school, a change in location. i want to pour more love into my day-to-day routine (such a great article linked there), reconnect with my besties/family, inspire others, give back, date up a storm, continue to learn, travel, land a job/career (too many things)!

to anyone who has been reading, sharing, supporting (hi Gma, Mom& Dad !) — thank you, it truly means the world that you can get through these posts (tee-hee) and has been so fun sharing a little slice of my life with loved ones. who knew it would be the kick-starter to so many other things ?

i wish each and every one of you a killer start to the New Year—set yourself up for success by setting a tone (to be fearless, loving, kind, giving, selfish, forgiving…etc.) and the rest will (hopefully) follow.

for me, although I am looking forward to different things this New Year, I do hope that interesting cocktail of fear and excitement never depletes, because the concoction of the two is what keeps me moving forward.

ps. so much ‘i’ in this post, it’s makin me cringe!

cheers to more ‘objectivsm’ journalism–or whatever the hell YOU want out of 2K15!


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  1. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Dearest Paige, what a wonderful look back at a very busy and prosperous year! Wow! Magical in so many ways–but mostly a lot of really hard work! No wonder we didn’t get to see you much! You were/are busy exploring and developing the amazing gifts God has so abundantly blessed you with! Whew! What an adventure! And I so admire your courage! Not easy, but I think you are beginning to experience just some of the benefits of taking the narrow path!

    I have loved your blog so much because it has allowed me (and thousands of others!) to follow and share in your adventures and growth! Not to mention the extraordinary pride and happiness I feel for you! You bring tears to my eyes, a huge smile on my face and a song in my soul!

    Your future looks so bright because of your inspiration and preparation (and perspiration)! Love, love love you, Gma


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