Mass Media Monday: SOTU.

wow. it has been forever since i’ve blogged, and life has been so super hectic (pathetic excuse, but true!) that I even forgot to post my “really special”, nostalgic one year anniversary post on the true date (so, am linking it here).

can hardly believe that my final semester as a mass media major is here, and after a 3 & 1/2 week anatomy and physiology course over winter break, I am looking forward to diving back into the equally complex (but, where my mind is comfortable and fascinated) world of media and its effects worldwide.

Photo courtesy of CNN: Members of Congress paid tribute to the Charlie Hebdo attack by raising pencils in the air…love it! 

so, in honor of the new semester–two of my classes are politically framed-– I thought I would share a video found on Refinery29, addressing the State of the Union, which aired on January 20th 2015. The R29 video spits out a number of statistics based on What Millennial Women Really Care About. President Obama did address some of the economic downfalls and inequalities for ALL Americans; painting a picture of what many of us would love to see, but realistically only a few policies will go through. I encourage everyone to watch the SOTU (firstly), as it was the first of its kind in many ways (in a media sense), and find a few insights/perspectives that matter, spark interest or inspire YOU, perhaps starting here:

“…and yet we are an optimistic generation”

the future is ours, happy Monday!

xx, Pp!

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