Mass Media Monday: American Sniper & Patriotism.


Right now, there is much conversation circulating the film, American Sniper, which depicts the life of Chris Kyle; the United States Navy SEAL who became a major threat to Iraqi insurgents, after connecting a number of unthinkable shots…

To see or not see, has been the overriding question of many mediated voices, with differing opinions.

But, despite the controversy, American Sniper has now become the highest grossing war flick of all time Wherever you may fall on the political spectrum, I do think it is an important film (historically) to expose yourself to, as war has been an inescapable reality of our time. A glimpse into this man, his comrades and their families lives–however Hollywood-ized it may be–might broaden perspective, which is aways a win.

The tone of the theatre alone (post credit roll) was somewhat of a spectacle; a zombie like shuffle, as few had the right words to formulate an immediate response. A reaction which ironically spoke volumes, but one that, I believe, satisfied the intent of filmmaker, Clint Eastwood.

War is hell; plain and simple. And the detrimental effects on those fighting are not as immediate or uncomplicated as a pull to the trigger.

Another military centric documentary–if you really just want to have a doozy of a day–currently on HBO, is Crisis Hotline. This film profiles the individuals who have committed their lives to being on the recipients end of telephone calls, which are open to veterans in severe need; struggling with PTSD. Another intense, powerful portrayal of a job few could handle with grace.

Now, to bring this full circle, and to end on a lighter note: it is always fascinating (for me) to see how themes appear on a variety of mediums, parallel to one another and in reflection of the Nation. Elle Magazine declared Marc Jacob’s spring/summer 2k15 collection as “a unique utilitarianism fashion army.” And that it was. Below are my favorites…

gallery courtesy of


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