A Day In LA: Darling Magazine Valentines Event



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were reminded of that little thing that makes the world go round: love. But, who says Valentines Day is only for the monogamous lovebirds?

Certainly not I. Especially after experiencing such a wonderful day–full of love, love, love–minus the typical male counterpart at a spectacular event.

concrete LA sky-highs


This year, my V-day consisted of a mini road-trip, as a few gal pals and I decided to venture from San Diego to LA LA Land and attend a brunch hosted by Darling Magazine (FYI: Darling is a publication, which (real talk here) is probably the most incredible, inspiring, creative slash doing real good things in this world pieces of print I have yet to be exposed to–check them out here).

The event began with some yummy, farm-fresh appetizers paired with mimosas and girl gab. Then, amidst more mingling; chatting up an eclectic bunch of women doing amazing things with their God-given talents, we watched Elique Organics blend together an au natural body scrub, which we happily packaged into a little mason jar and skipped away with.

the Darling spread IMG_0270IMG_0272 IMG_0274 IMG_0278

The event was lovely. The company even lovelier. But, most lovely of all, was romancing a little self-love which should never be neglected.

photo courtesy of bohemi magazine


No matter your lovie-dovie situation, I hope some sort of expression of adornment was (dare I say selfishly) centric throughout your v-day. Rely not on another to put hearts in your day.

hugs & kisses,


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  1. Pinks says:

    I absolutely love this!

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