Skin Care Empties Review

“Great makeup starts with healthy growing skin”

-Bobbi Brown

Quarter life crisis, for me, has gone a little something like this: one morning I woke up to the realization of, ‘Damn, I have done a little damage to my skin.’ Mind you, I also live in a location that the sun almost always shines and worshipping its rays is a deeply embedded tradition, passed down from my Cuban ancestry…

Excuses, I know.

However, thankfully, I am learning to do better and despite having a previously timid approach to SPF, I have almost always indulged in having some sort of skincare regimen. So, as I hit pan or squeeze out the last few drippity-drops of my these products, I thought I would simply note why I liked each one. These are the skincare products I will pay for again.

 Also, I should mention, my skin-type transforms through the seasons (moderately oily during summer, noticeably drier through winter) and prone to allergic reactions.

I like to go natural when possible. I like to be thrifty, always.


listed below from left to right |


Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap: This foaming soap, paired with my sonic cleansing brush (the tool, pictured below), is like an exfoliation dream come true. The soap is gentle, long lasting and seriously more foaming than expected. A tiny dollop goes a long way and the product leaves my skin feeling anew again. When I wipe my face dry, I expect to see no sign of makeup residue; very few cleansers do that for me, this one does!


Bretanna Witch Hazel Toner (in Lavender Chamomile): A little side note: I actually prefer to pour any toner I’m using into a mini spray bottle (not pictured) and spritz away for application, 3-4 sprays does the trick. Who has time for all that cotton ball hassle? Kidding, I completely have the time but simply favor the spray technique. What I love most about this toner is that it is not overly irritating to the skin because it is infused with aloe essential oils (read: this toner is a superb moisturizing base for the actual moisturizing creams to come. And will not sting or elicit all that redness like many toners do).


Evan Healy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum:   Evan Healy products are, in my view, amongst the best of them because they are simplistic in ingredient (plant-based), yet effective in treatment. This serum is a silky oil that I like to apply alongside my moisturizer. The product is supposed to supplement sunburned or damaged skin. I like to tap out a few droplets onto my palm and then mix together with a night cream. It’s especially helpful for those extra dry skin days, and is like nothing I have ever used before but somehow I am now gathering I should never live without.

Evan Healy Blue Chamomile Day MoistureThe benefits of this day moisturizer are inclusive of soothing sensitive, allergic, sunburned and/or irritated skin. It is light and wearable; perfect for day without leaving the skin feeling heavy, waxy or sticky. My favorite ingredient, amongst an array of organics, is the cold-pressed carrot seed oil, which enhances  elasticity and skin tone.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: In love with this moisturizer because it fulfills exactly what was promised: going to make your skin feel, “dramatically different.” A little bit goes a long way, and this moisturizer spreads with such ease. I found it to be better as a night-time moisturizer because it helps strengthen skins moisture by locking it in; I like the idea of having all that in the works while I’m busy in a slumber.

Body Butter

Forest House Herbals Shea Butter (in Lavender Rosemary): When my grandmother gifts me something she swears by, I don’t ask questions, but rather, excitedly comply to whatever she is doing to make her skin exude her bloom of youth. This lotion is a must-have because it is the utopian purse companion. The Forest House Herbals mantra is to combine beauty in balance with nature. Typically used as a hand cream, the skin practically slurps up the product so well and never leaves that stubborn greasiness. The size (2 oz.) is also appropriate for air travel when the skin is especially apt to drought.

Honest Organic Healing Balm: Full of only non-toxic ingredients and marketed as head-to-toe nourishing, this balm can be utilized in a variety of ways. With a similar texture of vaseline, this healing balm has been most cooperative in the deep hydration department; dry patches be gone!  I have pretty  much taken the head-to-toe suggestion to heart by applying this product on my brows and lashes; I’ve read, time and time again, that doing so assists growth. And if you’re anything like me, I would like my brows bushy and lashes lengthy.

Argan Oil of Morocco (dry body oil):  I’ll preface by sharing I am not the biggest of lotion latherers, any time of day. And this is one routine I only started about six months ago but severely take notice if/when I slack. However, I’ve found the solution in wanting moisturized skin sans lotion: instead, I apply this body oil, still damp from the shower, let it sit for a moment, and then rub completely off before dressing. The result: no more dryness, softer skin and a subtle glow.


Equaline Ultra Dry Sheer Sunscreen (SPF 45)Low and behold I cannot find this product on the internet (what?)… though it has been the only (emphasis on the only) sunscreen to have not been the catalyst to a mini breakout or an unacceptably slimy primer to my makeup application. This SPF is basically the drugstore alternative of Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sunscreen. SPF 15 is what is recommended, for every day coverage, but I am somewhat compensating for all those sunbathing years. The product takes to the skin well, dries out almost instantly and doesn’t reek of SPF all day long.


Clinique Sonic System Purifying Brush: Last but oh my goodness not least… this sonic brush honestly makes me want to get up and wash my face every. single. night. Its bristles are strong yet gentle; a nice exfoliation that is (thankfully) set to a timer so you don’t overdo it–trust me, you’ll kind of want to stay scrubbing for longer than you should. I would recommend not using a rough exfoliating face scrub with the brush because partnered with the bristles it could be a bit harsh on the skin. I use the Clinique Foaming cleanser (mentioned above), however, any sort of creamy foaming cleanser would do the trick. The brush is brilliant in lifting any sort of oils, dirt and makeup we may have missed.

IMG_1069 (1)

Have any skincare gems not listed I must know about?

Do share!



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