querencia (n.): a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.


Welcome to my sweet spot–‘querencia’–the place I come to express, share and grow as a writer. My interests include an array of topics: people, media effects, popular culture, fashion, travel, music, lifestyle and more…

My intent is to continue writing as I recently completed my degree in mass media studies and continue to embark into the *real world*.  For me, remaining interested and interesting is a lifelong goal that writing and connecting with others ensures. I am a curious inspiration chaser, who is never quite satisfied.

Creativity may be fleeting, but content is my focus. And gold is my favorite.

Thanks for visiting.



links to other work…

San Diego Magazine:
Faces of Juicing Run Like A Hero, Rope Yoga San Diego Film Festival Coverage.
 Exquisite Weddings Magazine:
Real Weddings: Jessica & Matt.
 Thought Catalog:
10 Things To Strive For in The Digital Era ; 6 Reasons Why The Pope Is Dope ; 8 Simple Things To Do Before The New Year.
BlessThisList(dot com):
10 Historical Couples Who Were The Jay-Z + Beyoncé Of Their Time
The Potrero View:
The Debate Rages: Are Turf Fields Safe? 

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