Autumn Favorites: Read, Sip, Wear, View.

Fall is a season I adore so much because, in many ways, it’s as simple as the pumpkin spice latte is basic (sorry PSL lovers, personally not a fan). Autumn may not be as spontaneous or comforting as its seasonal siblings, Summer and Winter, but it is the time when life resumes to order, productivity and perhaps new beginnings. Whatever is around the corner may not be entirely in our control, though the season signifies a familiarity that brings a smidgen of contentment (school semesters begin, air-conditioning bills go down, foot-ball and TV series kickoff, [Paris] fashion week resumes and the holidays are approaching). And although the PSL may not be what tickles my fancy, fall tends to be the season I notably fall for a number of uncomplicated, little things of my own…



IMG_3463 (1)

If you are someone who loves to sit down with pages full of text, to decompress, I highly recommend beginning a book club with a loved one. In my case, it is currently as simple as being one part of a two-person novel niche: my Dad and I. I refer to this club as ‘Daudter’. The deal is this: we alternate back and forth, picking our reading material. And to be completely honest, that’s it. We don’t go through the whole motions of sitting down and discussing literary questions. Instead, we chat about the subtle details that struck a chord or made us laugh, over coffee or in passing; we take a hit at foreshadowing where the storyline and characters will take us next. There are no rules but there is definitely something gratifying in reading a book and knowing someone close to you is doing the same; interpreting, appreciating (perhaps struggling through it) in their own unique way. Not to mention the sudden urgency to keep up with the “club” has me reading more than ever.

 ♣ Falling Into The Pages OF:

~  ‘We Are Not Ourselves‘ by Matthew Thomas (current ‘Daudter’ read, it’s utterly brilliant).

~ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (slowly sifting through this as I continue to de-clutter).

~ The ‘zine zone: WIRED Magazine (UK Edition-09.15): The Annual Power List (100 Hottest Startups)–Did you know? A two-person housing unit, Casa Invisible, exists and is movable from location to location (think: a step up from the RV yet sans automobile and covered in mirrors to blend into its ever-changing locales.) ; Cereal Magazine (Vol. 10)–the ultimate travel mag (!!!). Featuring: Northern California (Big Sur, SF, Oakland, Yosemite and more); Antwerp, Belgium and Panama–Did you know?… About Cereals fantastic City Guides? They range from Seoul to Edinburgh and carry exactly the information you need to know about the best spots, while traveling. 

2. SIP



Smoothie bowls are all the rage in my kitchen; the prevailing breakfast of choice. A cold blend of greens and fruits are as flexible as the tastebuds that greet them. And that is exactly why it works; no matter the season the flavorful, nutritious concoctions are infinite.

My Not-So-Secret-Smoothie Tips:  Greens in first, then add fruit (think: put the most nourishing stuff as the primary ingredient to ensure they make it in); Mix in additives: Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Protein Powder, vitamins (if you’re not one to swallow pills), stevia or dates for natural sweetener, etc. (think: Superfoods of your liking, make it balanced (Protien-Carbs-Fats) and as wholesome as possible; Liquid (Water, Almond Milk, Juice, etc.); Ice (only if you prefer your smoothie to be chilled,…besides more H20 is always a win); Blend away; Add Xanthan or Guar Gum, which is a thickening agent and my ‘super-tip’ to creating a smoothie fit for a bowl (half a teaspoon will give you a noticeably thicker smoothie). Blend once more. Finally, sip through straw or eat like porridge.

I’m concerned I may never find variation in my breakfast selections again (oh, well).

♥ Falling For These Flavors: 

• Pumpkin (canned, puree), Spinach/Kale blend, Ginger, Vanilla Protein, Flax Seed,  Cinnamon, Almond Milk, Xanthan Gum (pictured above ↑).

• Spinach, Mango, Pineapple, Vanilla Protein, Flax Seed, Almond Milk, Xanthan Gum (pictured below ).

FullSizeRender (1)



 A shoe and a lip shade…could I be more cliche? Yet when it comes to falls fashion and beauty trends there is no better time to adequately tryout the variations that ruled the recent runway shows; a classic and an unusual is how I’ve done so.

 ♦ Falling Into These ShoeS:


Prepared and comfortable is typically the mindset I like to attain while shopping for ‘working-gal’ shoes. Step away from the wedge, stiletto and pointed toe flat; remember how great it feels to be able to run around and check off all the things that require movement, is another inner-dialogue I carry while staying on track. Behold, the Oxford. Specifically, the ZeroGrand Wing Oxford by Cole Haan, which combines masculine comfort with feminine detail. The shoe is light, versatile and appropriate for a skew of occasions. Plus, the flat/oxford  was massively present on the runway and is appearing in a number of charming forms. 

color: Sunflower Suede (courtesy of
color: Sunflower Suede (courtesy of

(more Oxford favorites…)

(clockwise from top to center)
1. Christian Louboutin Snakeskin Oxfords.
2. Matisse Women’s Quake Oxford.
3. Dolce Vita Leopard Adderly Oxfords.
4. Alepel Women’s Kemet Oxford.
5. Nicholas Kirkwood’s Metallic Brogue.

♠ Falling Under This Beauty Products Spell:


Makeup, in my view, is an opportunity to have fun. And this lip crayon has me feeling all sorts of magician-like. The innovative formula first appears one color–in my case, an alarming shade of blue–but then, once applied, instantly reacts to your lips unique pH levels and comes on an entirely acceptable and pleasant shade of coral, pink or red.  The Mood Matcher is long-lasting and moisturizing (equipped with Aloe Vera). Plus it’s the adult version of the mood-ring we all gawked over, once upon a time.




Something about taking a moment to gaze at the little things, sometimes right in front of us, is especially enjoyable during the fall season. Other pleasurable views we may have to seek out. Nonetheless perching for a bit later or admiring a tad longer than normal has been a refreshing way to remind myself to continue to wander.

 ♣ Falling Towards…


…These migrating crows. Everyday these birds fly overhead as the sun rises. They then migrate West when the last of the daylight ligers; making a collective flight to their final resting location. For some reason it takes my breath away and serves as a tranquil reminder that the day is coming to an end. And I too should begin settling down rather simulating up (night owl, here). They say rising with the sun and unwinding upon sundown is a prime way to ensure long-lasting health benefits; sweet slumber being a vital priority we sometimes neglect.


Friendship, 1963 (photo courtesy of Tate)
Untitled 1959 (photo courtesy of Tate)
Morning 1965 Agnes Martin 1912-2004 Purchased 1974
Morning 1965 (photo courtesy of Tate)

…The artwork of Agnes Martin. I kid you not, her name has now come up way too many coincidental times, in the past month, to be ignored. And it is no miracle as her most prominent pieces are currently circulating the London art scene in the exhibition, ‘Agnes Martin. A Retrospective.’ Her work is simply divine in its sheer ease and organization. The understated tones of an Agnes painting are so inviting they draw you closer; notably a welcomed alternative to the typically vibrant and complex world we inhabit. My favorite is, of course, the gold leaf number (pictured above ↑). Southern Californians can find the exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (April-September 2016).

See you there.



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  1. Mary Pollock says:

    I hung on every word of this blog. I so loved reading about you and your dads book club. I wonder what you would name it if I joined? 🙂 of course the part on Agnes was awesome!!! Watched the Tate video today and saw the friendship painting was the first of her abstract linear work in 1963. So amazing and beautiful.
    great read and its time to get a new chubby stick… lets go!

    1. paigepollock says:

      You know I would love to think up a new name to combine you too, Momma! Can’t wait to see Agnes live. Thanks for the inspo✨and for reading.

  2. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Another WONDERFUL piece, Paige! And I always learn something new!😎🌅😉

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