Caroline Rector: Cuts The Clutter Of Your Closet.


I’m staring at my closet, and semi-disgusted that I can’t find anything to wear. I have ten minutes to be out the door, but this outfit is just not coming together. There are pieces I haven’t worn in about a year, and a select few that, yes I am ashamed to tell you, still have their tags on.

As I snag another blousy top off its hanger, I’ll introduce to you a gal who has a much smarter fashion philosophy: Caroline Rector, of the popular style blog, Un-Fancy. Caroline plumbs the paradox of choice in regards to your closet, and abides by the “more is less” law in regards to clothes. Coining the term “capsule wardrobe”, Caroline has inspired men and women to limit their wardrobe to 37 pieces. Yes, you heard me…37 measly pieces, which will last a 3-month season; creatively “remixed” per day. Caroline captures and posts her daily outfits; how she’s making her capsule work and doing it so well you will be convinced you can too!

The silver lining may just be that 37 does not have to be your number, nor does the “capsule wardrobe” include workout wear, accessories, pj’s, undies or cocktail attire. It can be made entirely your own. And in my case, baby steps will be necessary to follow this experiment through. But, as challenging as this may sound Caroline truly holds your hand, virtually, via blogging. The ground rules and the ways she inventively makes her limited wardrobe work exist for reference whenever needed.


Caroline is currently taking a hiatus from Un-fancy—pulling a respectable Oprah by leaving when she is at the top of her game—but, everything you need to know remains.


What I’ve taken from Caroline’s capsule concept is a nip in the butt to that “do I  need this?” question, which typically surfaces when its already too late. More choice is not the silly answer to a closet full of clothes. And a true testament to style is when you can make your wardrobe work according to what you have. Test your creativity, simplify your life by limiting your closet to an ‘x’ amount of pieces. Save money. Invest in quality. Limit the cycle of consumerism.

But, I think I’ll start tomorrow…



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  1. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Oh boy do I love that article! I have been trying to shrink my closet all summer–with minimal success! Let me know how you do! Love you! Gma

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Elena says:

    This article couldn’t be more right on! A closet should have pieces of clothing that fit, we LOVE and feel great in. I love how only having a few great pieces will test your creativity and simplify ones life! Great article.

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